This Company Will Pay You $10,000 To Give Up Frosé For The Summer

This may be the easiest way to make $10,000 dollars in the history of all time. Or it may be the hardest way to make $10,000 in the history of all time. It all comes down to how you feel about frosé. That's right, the summer drink of choice may be almost impossible to resist — but you can earn $10,000 for not drinking frosé. Seriously.

Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails, the brand from Miller Coors that serves up some delicious cocktails in a can, has offered to pay someone $10,000 to spend how they want and to have the best summer ever. The only catch? You have to stop drinking frosé. Really. That's it. Stop making a damn, blended mess trying to make frosé at home and embrace a simpler life.

“Cape Line is all about living life to the fullest, without compromise. We want to help someone do exactly that this summer, without the hassle, mess, or fuss of frosé,” Sofia Colucci, vice president of innovation at Miller Coors, said in a press release. “Cape Line is the simple,grab-and-go summer drink that’s always flavorful, and camera ready.”

So how can you win? It's really easy. Email (the best email address ever) with 100 words or less explaining how and why you'd like to live frosé-free all summer — along with an image of what your best summer would look like. That's it.

You have to be 21 or older and live in the United States, but if you fit the bill just send your email over from June 20 through June 28, then the winner will be notified by July 3. Oh — and you don't have to give up frozen treats all summer long. Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails points out you can put their cans in the freezer for a slushie, boozy treat. They've got flavors like Hard Strawberry Lemonade, Blackberry Mojito, and, of course, a classic Margarita. So you'll be all set to enjoy those summer days, even without the frosé.

If you're really a rosé die-hard, you could always quench your thirst with some non-alcoholic rosé alternatives — or you can just explore the ridiculous amount of summer drinks that raise their heads this time of year. From Malibu Strawberry Spritz — which may just be too millennial to function — to a wine-gin hybrid that is totally ready for summer, there is no shortage of options awaiting you. I mean, KFC even has its own exclusive Mountain Dew flavor — and it's called Sweet Lightning. The world is a ridiculous and amazing place — and we are not short of beverages.

So why not ditch the frosé. Think about it — how far would an extra $10,000 take you? You could go on tat trip around the world that you never thought you'd be able take — or you could buy 10,000 one dollar churros and eat them all in one sitting on your couch. Both options are glorious, rewarding, and enriching in their own ways. Or you can do something that sounds just right for you. And if it all it takes is an email of 100 words or less and a photo — I mean, that's basically the effort it sends to write a single tweet.

You can do this. Step away from the frosé.