Chicago West’s Name Led To A Twitter Joke About Your Mom’s Fave TV Show

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Once it was announced that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were having a third child, one of the first questions that came to mind was what they would name him or her. And now, only four days after their new daughter was welcomed into the world, we know her name: Chicago West. Of course, as with any child of Kimye, the name really got people talking, and there's a lot of jokes going around, too. One that's particularly amazing? People referring to Chicago West's name as if it's the title of a procedural television show.

Now, little Chicago's name is adorable and a fitting tribute to her dad's hometown, but you have to admit it also sounds like it could be joining NBC's roster of Chicago-based TV series this fall. In fact, Chicago Fire (director: Holly Dale, four episodes) co-creator Dick Wolf is probably groaning because Kim ruined his idea for a fifth Chicago based spin-off that dealt entirely with the lives of people who fight crime out of a building in west Chicago — although, if he waits about 24 years, that show could have the perfect star.

In the meantime, Twitter is having a blast coming up with ideas for Chicago West TV shows and generally running with the idea that Kimye's newest addition to the family has a name that could also double as the ultimate procedural TV show title.

Chicago West Is Either The Best Medical Show You've Never Seen...

The night shifts are brutal at Chicago West Hospital, where a scrappy bunch of interns live, love, and save lives — thankfully, they have the west Chicago branch of Molly's Pub to welcome them home after another long night at work. Come on, you know you'd watch that.

... Or The Cop Show You Never Knew You Needed In Your Life

Is anyone else getting serious Jessica Jones (series creator: Melissa Rosenberg) vibes?

Chicago West Is Definitely Causing Some Internet Confusion

It sounds like there are going to be quite a few people who think they're getting a new Chicago-based procedural soon, but a new member of the Kardashian-West family is definitely better, right?

It's Your Mom's Favorite Procedural

Don't be surprised if your mom sounds puzzled when you text her the exciting news about Chicago West. There's an excellent chance she may think her favorite procedural just got renewed and wonder if you're trying to tell her that Kim is the new lead.

Kimye Are Just Keeping The Chicago Brand Alive For NBC

The Chicago franchise is pretty great, and hey, Kim might just be a fan...

The Chicago Fire Creator Has Weighed In

And if Kim is, then she should know that the feeling is mutual. Chicago Fire (series writer: Liz Alper, 45 episodes) co-creator Derek Haas weighed in on Twitter, and he sounds happy to welcome a new member to his team.

Clearly, This Is Just Good Branding

Hey, if you know there's an excellent chance that your kid will grow up to have her own TV show, you might as well give her a name that's ready for the spotlight.

And Kimye Fans Are So Here For This Show

Who do people need to call at NBC to make this happen? Because honestly, Chicago West is already a hit.

Twitter may have a point about Chicago's name giving off procedural vibes, but that's just further proof that Chicago — like her sister North and brother Saint — is already a star. And yes, she probably will have a self-titled TV show one day that will be a mega-hit. Until then, enjoy the memes, Kimye fans.