Chrissy Teigen Continues To Troll John Legend In Netflix’s ‘Between Two Ferns’ Trailer

John Legend is the butt of a joke in Zach Galifianakis' new movie based on his web series Between Two Ferns. And no surprise, it's his wife who's delivering this sick burn. Chrissy Teigen trolls John Legend in Netflix's Between Two Ferns: The Movie trailer, poking fun at Legend's EGOT with a joke that will have you ROFL.

In the film, streaming Sept. 20, Galifianakis is taking his web show on the road to try and make amends for nearly killing Matthew McConaughey. It seems his low budget internet talk show in which he's been uncomfortably interviewing celebrities like President Barack Obama between two actual ferns for the past decade, needs an upgrade. So, Galifianakis and his plants are hitting the road to talk with celebs like the confusingly named Benedict Cumberbatch, "hot idiot" Jon Hamm, and David Letterman so he can hopefully get a network talk show of his own. After all, as he tells Will Ferrell, he's "a white man and I'm straight and I deserve it."

One celebrity he runs into on his road trip is Teigen, who gets a little handsy in the trailer. "I love your show," Teigen tells the host while sitting together at what looks like a fancy hotel bar. "What if we take this upstairs?" "What about John Legend?" Galifianakis whispers, only to get the best answer from Teigen. "He's probably at home polishing his EGOT."

While fans already know that an EGOT is the term for winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, something Legend actually did last year. Galifianakis, well, doesn't, which makes for an awkward exchange. "Is that what he calls his penis?" Teigen's reaction to this question pretty much says it all.

It probably also hints at how cringe-worthy this movie might get. When Galifianakis isn't trying to figure out the name for Legend's anatomy, he's also asking Brie Larson about her first period. TMI Galifianakis, seriously, TMI. Other celebrities Galifianakis will be making thoroughly uncomfortable for this movie include Keanu Reeves, Paul Rudd, Tiffany Haddish, John Cho, Chance the Rapper, Rashida Jones, Hailee Steinfeld, Tessa Thompson, and more.

Of course, this isn't the first — and certainly won't be the last — time Teigen trolls Legend. In fact, this isn't even the first time she's made fun of his EGOT. Right after he won, she posted lyrics to the Arthur theme song, which is pretty savage. Don't worry, though, he's in on the joke. Back in November, Legend was literally polishing his EGOT in the trailer for his Christmas special with Teigen, which channeled everyone's favorite '90s sitcoms.

As of now, Teigen appears to be more focused on hilariously dragging Legend for being a bad Instagram husband. He's been trying to defend himself, but she is not letting this one go. Let's just hope she doesn't end up dragging him to court. After all, Teigen is hosting her own court show that is only handling the pettiest of crimes. After reading her Instagram post for the show, having a husband who can't find your light seems right up its alley.