These New Easter Photos From Chrissy Teigen Show Luna & Miles Joining The Holiday Fun

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Easter Bunny stopped by the Teigen-Legend house this year to visit two amazing celebrity kids. On Sunday, Chrissy Teigen shared Easter photos of Miles and Luna getting involved in the holiday by decorating eggs and playing in an over-sized basket. The pictures are cute, for sure, but they're also yet another reminder of how Teigen and her husband, John Legend, encourage their kids to get their hands messy whenever they can.

As her Instagram followers know, Teigen frequently shares videos and photos of 3-year-old Luna helping out in the kitchen. The Cravings cookbook author is all about letting her daughter be involved in the process of making food at a young age. She also doesn't mind a little mess — as she demonstrated earlier this month when Luna received a manicure set with real nail polish for her birthday. While Miles is still a little bit too young to help out in the kitchen or practice his manicure skills, his parents are already encouraging him to try new things too.

It looks like Easter was yet another opportunity for the kids to get in on the action. In one photo, Luna can be seen holding what looks to be a freshly colored egg in her hands. And in the other one both kids are diving into the colorful grass in a giant basket. Their little faces say it all — they're clearly loving life this Easter weekend.

And they're not the only members of the family getting in on the holiday fun. Legend is also taking his dad duties very seriously this Easter. In her Instagram Stories, Teigen shared videos of her husband putting on an Easter Bunny costume and then hopping across the yard. Yes, literally hopping. His commitment to being the best Easter Bunny he can be is impressive (and so funny that even his wife can't stop giggling). She captioned the hilarious video with "Rehearsal going well!!", but there's still a bit of mystery surrounding what exactly Legend is up to.

For instance, does her caption mean that Luna and Miles spotted the Easter Bunny hopping down the lawn thanks to their dad adding an extra dash of magic to the day? Or is Legend just channeling his holiday spirit for fun with the unexpected costume change? Do they have guests coming over later and the EGOT winner is going to be the entertainment? The world needs to know.

Whatever's going on, it's brilliant, and fans can surely agree that while the Easter Bunny can be terrifying, Legend is the ideal version of the egg-bringing rabbit. It's impossible to be scared of the holiday mascot when you know he's the one who's under the mask.

One thing is certain, the Teigen-Legend family knows how to do Easter right. From egg decorating to playing in all of that colorful grass and a real-life visit from the Easter Bunny, they have all of their holiday bases covered. And they're all looking pretty darn adorable while they're enjoying their Easter fun.