There’s A New Chocolate Bar That Tastes Like Avocado Toast — Here's What's In It

Courtesy of Compartés

Avocado toast is great, but humans seem unable to simply leave it alone; we keep dreaming up new and unusual ways to consume it. Some of these ideas are of course going to be more successful than others — but this latest one is likely to be a winner: An avocado toast-inspired chocolate bar now exists, thanks to Los Angeles-based gourmet chocolatier Compartés. Unlike, say, “deconstructed avocado toast” (IT’S A SALAD, PEOPLE) this sweet treat looks to bring something new to the mix — but of course, it's only available for a limited time. Whomp, whomp.

Compartés is no stranger to unusual flavor combinations; although the company has been around since the 1950s, after Jonathan Graham took the helm in the 2000s, it underwent something of a renaissance. According to a 2017 interview published at The Dieline, the first variety of treat Graham created for Compartés was actually what are now called Jonathan's Signature Truffles — but soon, the company developed a burgeoning reputation for fantastical, Willy Wonka-esque chocolate bars. According to the LA Times, Graham’s initial line of Compartés chocolate bars consisted of 24 flavors, including the Coney Island bar — a milk chocolate bar filled with bits of waffle cone packaged in a box covered with unicorns and rainbows — but these days, around 50 bars are offered, with new flavors and collaborations appearing regularly.

That’s where the Avocado Toast bar comes in. A partnership between Compartés and California Avocados (by which I mean the California Avocado Commission, not just, like, California avocados all on their own — as far as I know, avocados are not yet sentient and are therefore incapable of banding together and performing team-driven actions), Compartés’ Avocado Toast bar consists of white chocolate packed full of fresh California avocados and crunchy, caramelized toast bits — think toasted breadcrumbs, but fancy. They’re available starting May 22 (that’s today!) for $9.95 per bar at Compartés stores in Los Angeles, as well as through the Compartés website. You’ll need to act fast if you want to try one: They’re limited edition and only available through August or while supplies last.

If the phrase “avocado chocolate” sounds a tiny bit familiar to you, there’s a reason for that: Compartés and California Avocados actually teamed up on a limited-edition bar last year, too. 2017’s offering was made up of just white chocolate and avocados, so we can probably consider 2018’s Avocado Toast bar the natural evolution of the previously offered treat. (After all, if you’re going to plus up avocados, adding toast is a surefire way to success.) For what it’s worth, the OG avocado bar was apparently pretty tasty; various staff members from Epicurious described it as “good,” with a “buttery flavor” that was “very subtle, more of a suggestion than a declaration.” The Avocado Toast bar is likely to be similar, just with an added crunch and perhaps a bit more salty, buttery goodness.

Also: I realize I have already categorized this treat as the most millennial thing ever to happen to chocolate… but I may have been o’erhasty. Compartés, you see, also makes a rosé wine chocolate bar. Like the Avocado Toast bar, the Rosé bar is made of white chocolate; however, rather than avocado and bits of toast, it then adds French rosé to the mix, resulting in a creamy sweet that’s so millennial, it’s even the generation’s signature color. (Pink, that is. Because no matter how many other shades try to overthrow it, millennial pink just keeps refusing to abdicate.)

My point is this: Between the Avocado Toast chocolate bar and the Rosé chocolate bar, you can literally recreate the perfect millennial brunch in chocolate form. Heck, and yes.

Compartés chocolate bars have a shelf life of about six months, so if you manage to grab one between now and August, make sure to enjoy them before February of 2019. Check ‘em out at Compartés’ website, or visit their brick-and-mortar locations in Brentwood and Century City.