Milo Ventimiglia May Have Just Posted A 'This Is Us' Spoiler

The 2018 Golden Globes just keep getting better. After a night of solidarity, historic wins, and a moving speech from Oprah, the show has really given everyone enough. But then a very wet Milo Ventimiglia may have posted a This Is Us spoiler on his Instagram post-Golden Globes after party. The Globes just keep on giving this year, people.

A sleepy sounding Ventimiglia shared a video on his Instagram story that not only featured him holding up a script page from a future episode of This Is Us (writer, 27 episodes: Kay Oyegun), but also disclosing that he fell into the pool after the Globes. The 40-year-old actor said on Instagram,

"Good time at the Globes tonight. Congratulations Sterling. Excited. And everyone else, great night. I'm back home, I'm studying for tomorrow. And yes, I fell in the pool."

While the pool incident is an "aww-worthy" moment that will give you some serious Pearson family feels — maybe the Big Three were there to help their TV dad in his hour of need — let's focus on that script page for a second. Even in his tired state, Ventimiglia didn't hold the script up for long, which made it hard to get a good look at the wording, but — potential spoiler alert — it looks like Jack will discover that 17-year-old Kate has skipped school in a future episode.

Season 2 has been heavily focusing on the year that the Big Three were 17 in the lead up to the loss of their father. With Jack's death looming over every scene set in that era, there's no doubt that seeing Jack find Kate after she skipped school will be even more emotional than it would be under normal circumstances. Kate was the first one of the kids that Jack told about his alcoholism, and the bond between the dad and daughter is a special one.

No matter what era they're in, the scenes between Jack and Kate are always tearjerkers, and this one will likely be no different. When she was 17, Kate was feeling a bit aimless compared to her brothers, both of whom knew exactly what they planned to do after high school. So far, Kate's senior year has been about her secretly applying to music school and taking care of a stray dog that her parents found. That dog may be the reason why Kate blames herself for her dad's death, if Jack ends up heroically running into a house fire to save it at Kate's behest — so fingers crossed the whole school incident doesn't result in a falling out between Kate and Jack right before his untimely demise. Although, that would be a totally This Is Us thing to do.

Given how hard it is to pry spoilers out of anyone involved in This Is Us, it's hilarious that Ventimiglia flashed his script during an Instagram video. Sure, it's just a small glimpse of what's ahead, but despite being a family drama, the secrets on This Is Us seem to be as closely guarded as the ones on Game of Thrones (series film editing: Katie Weiland).

On the other hand, how could anyone chastise Ventimiglia? As Jack Pearson, he's created a truly iconic TV dad in just two seasons. Between his pool admission and the congratulations he served up to his TV son, Sterling K. Brown, Ventimiglia totally gets a pass for letting this tiny spoiler slip by him. After all, he had a big night thanks to the Globes and a member of the Pearson family taking home a well-deserved award.

Besides, every tiny hint at what's ahead for the Pearsons during that dark year is appreciated, because fans need all the time they can get to prepare for the inevitable heartbreak that lies ahead.