You Can Already Buy Disney's Adorable Advent Calendar For This Year

by Megan Grant
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It's mid-September, which means it's practically Halloween, which means it's basically Christmas — which means I'm delighted to share these two finds with you. There are already two brand spanking new Disney advent calendars for 2019 on Amazon, and they are full of adorable little trinkets that Disney punks of all ages can enjoy. I won't give too much away so as not to spoil the surprise, but rest assured that if you're a true Disney diehard, these are ones you won't want to skip.

Now, I know we're still knee-deep in pumpkin spice, but I can't stop thinking about gingerbread. Advent calendars were traditionally a kids thing, seeing as how they always came carrying chocolate and other kinds of candy — but those days are clearly long gone. Now there's an advent calendar for everyone, from cheese to wine to candles. If you can dream it, you can advent it. And if you're a Disney fan (who isn't?), you'll be dying to get your hands on one of the latest offering in the advent calendar world. Here's the best part: It's not just your run-of-the-mill Christmas candy that you're getting inside of these calendars. Oh no. Disney is really raising the bar. I don't want to get you too worked up, but ... there are stickers.

24 days of Christmas? How about 24 days of magic? Warning for those who like to keep a surprise, there are advent calendar spoilers ahoy — but if you do want to know before you buy, you can open one new window of this Disney advent calendar each day to discover 11 mini surprise figures, five customizable accessories, five character stickers, and three decorative gift boxes. With so many fun things waiting to be revealed, this calendar will keep you excited for the next day and the next and the next. Additionally, a picture of Disney royalty, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, wearing their holiday outfits is featured on the front of the calendar. At only $32, this purchase offers quite a big bang for your buck, and you'll want to hang on to it for many Christmases to come.

But that's not all.

Alright, fine. So maybe this one is designed for little kids, unless you’re a fan of Doc McStuffins, of course. (Hey. You do you.) Like the Disney Mickey Mouse advent calendar, this set also comes with 11 mini surprise figures your kids (or you) can to add to their collection, five customizable accessories, five adorable character stickers, three decorative boxes, and a chance to get the exclusive Minnie Mouse figure adorned with a glitter bow! The calendar features a picture of Doc, Stuffy, Rolly, Bingo, Mickey, and Minnie, ready to have fun for the holidays. Are we having fun yet? I certainly am.

It goes without saying the old school advent calendars with chocolate are a little tired. Nowadays, more brands are getting creative with their own unique versions. There was, of course, advent calendar for dogs from Trader Joe’s last year, containing healthy and delicious dog treats that our little balls of fur went crazy for. This year, we'll also be graced with a Prosecco advent calendar, with the promise of more varieties on the horizon. But if you're so excited for advent calendars that you can't wait until Christmas, you can get a Halloween advent calendar too. It's never too soon.

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