Disney's New Line Of Glittery Desserts Are A '90s Kid Daydream Come To Life

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I feel like I’m oozing over a new Disney dessert practically every day, but I’m not even made about it; they’re just so pretty that there’s no way could get fed up with them. Case in point: A huge number of “iridescent” desserts at the Disney parks have just made their debut — and each and every one is absolutely beautiful. It pleaseth mine eye to look upon them, so I will continue to do so for as long as I do desire. So there.

It’s interesting to me that Disney has chosen to use the word “iridescent” to describe these treats, which were highlighted on the Disney Parks Blog on Tuesday; most of them are what many would probably refer to as “sparkly” or “glittery,” but “iridescent” just sounds so much more… magical, somehow (which, I would imagine, is the point). They’re also a little subtler than some of the more in-your-face glittery options we’ve seen from Disney lately, from desserts to accessories, which I actually kind of appreciate. Also, they sound as delicious as they look, so, hey, way to win both the Form and Function awards, Disney pastry team.

Fair warning: Most of these sweets are located at various locations around Disney World, so by and large, you’ll only be able to try these suckers out if you have a trip to Florida planned in the near future. There is, however, one that’s available at a few different spots at Disneyland — that is, the resort in Anaheim, Calif. It’s a pretty spectacular one, too, so, y’know, no regrets.

Here’s what’s on the menu now, along with where, specifically, you can find each treat:


Mermaid Cupcake

Where to get it: The Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

You can make this treat part of your world (SORRY NOT SORRY) at Disney World’s version of the Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom. The cake is vanilla; it’s filled with “sprinkles of color” (which I think means it’s like Funfetti, but don’t quote me on that); it’s topped with sea foam green buttercream, chocolate crispy pearls, and sprinkles; and the tail? The tail is a cookie. Getting two treats in one is A-OK in my book.


Iridescent Unicorn Ears Cupcake

Where to get it: The BoardWalk Bakery at Disney’s BoardWalk in Walt Disney World.

Remember this beauty from other day? The lemon cupcake is filled with wildberry lemonade mousse and topped with multicolored frosting, a horn and ears made of white chocolate and covered with pink glitter, and crispy pearls. It is by far my favorite of all of these desserts. I desperately wish I lived in Florida right now.


Rainbow Cookies ‘n Cream Blondie

Where to get it: The Beach Club Marketplace at the Beach Club Resort and The Market at Al and Compass at the Yacht Club Resort, both in Walt Disney World.

There’s more than cupcakes on the menu at Disney! This is no regular blondie; inside, it has rainbow sprinkles and chunks of chocolate cookies. It’s also been covered with white chocolate and finished off with ears and a bow made of fondant and chocolate.

The Beach and Yacht Clubs are both within walking distance of Disney’s BoardWalk, by the way; they’re on opposite sides of Crescent Lake. So, hey, while you’re in the area, you may as well grab both a blondie and a unicorn cupcake!


Unicorn Ganache Pop

Where to get it: The Ganachery at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.

It’s only fitting that a spot called the Ganachery would have lollipops made of ganache on the menu, right? This one is strawberry lemon-flavored and coated in iridescent pink chocolate. Also, it is adorable.


Iridescent Cupcake

Where to get it: The Jolly Holiday Bakery Café at Disneyland Park; Clarabelle’s Hand Scoop Ice Cream and Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Café at California Adventure; and the Coffee House at the Disneyland Hotel. All four of these spots are in Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif.

Yep: There’s more than one unicorn cupcake on the menu. Unlike the Iridescent Unicorn Ears Cupcake, however, the Iridescent Cupcake isn’t in Florida; it’s in California at Disneyland. The cake itself is confetti and passion fruit-flavored; the filling is mango and more passion fruit; and the colorful mousse topping it is white chocolate Champagne-flavored. How’s that for an epic treat?


Iridescent Cupcake, Take 2

Where to get it: Contempo Café at the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World.

Do you prefer your mouse ear treats classic, rather than inspired by fanciful mythical creatures? There’s a sparkly cupcake for you, too. This confetti cupcake has been stuffed with a strawberry filling and frosted with vanilla buttercream; crispy pearls and a Minnie Mouse hat made of chocolate finish the whole thing off. So classy.


Unicorn Macaron Lollipop

Where to get it: Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.

If the Ganachery is The Place To Go For Chocolate at Disney Springs, Amorette’s Patisserie is The Place To Go For Pastries. I can’t say that I’ve ever thought that a stick is what every macaron I’ve ever eaten was missing, but this little unicorn-shaped pop is really cute; also, it’s filled with toasted white chocolate rainbow ganache, which means the inside of the pop will be just as delightful as the outside.


Iridescent Cupcake, Take 3

Where to get it: The End Zone Food Court at the All-Star Sports Resort, the World Premiere Food Court at the All-Star Movies Resort, the Intermission Food Court at the All-Star Music Resort, and the Artist’s Palette at the Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. All four eateries are in Walt Disney World.

If you’re looking for something a little more unconventional than the strawberry-filled Iridescent Cupcake available at the Contemporary Resort, its All-Star and Saratoga Springs cousin has been stuffed with a cotton candy marshmallow filling and topped with raspberry buttercream. The little blue mouse hat is likely made of chocolate, just as it is over at the Contemporary.


Crisped Rice Treat

Where to get it: The Fountain View at Epcot in Walt Disney World.

Nobody does Rice Krispy treats like Disney does Rice Krispy treats — even if they’re technically not Rice Krispy treats. This one sports a little iridescent “headband”; from what I can tell from the photograph, the whole treat is shaped like a Minnie Mouse silhouette, with the headband painted on top in something like icing, fondant, or white chocolate.


Iridescent Rhino Cupcake

Where to get it: The Mara at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Walt Disney World.

Wow. Now that is a showy cupcake. The cake itself is chocolate and filled with caramel, and according to Chip and Co., the rhino head affixed to the extremely colorful frosting is actually a cookie.


Iridescent Sparkling Wine

Where to get it: Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.

If you thought Amorette’s pink sparkling wine was something to write home about, wait ‘til you see this one.

It’s blue.

I love blue drinks.

It’s not clear what kind of sparkling wine is used for the Iridescent Sparkling Wine available at Disney Springs, or whether it’s naturally blue or tinted with an edible dye — but I don’t even care. It is blue. That is all that matters. Oh, and the cute little Minnie Mouse hat on top of the glass is made out of white chocolate. Heck. Yes.

All of these treats are available at the Disney parks either right now or starting July 13. If you manage to nab them, take lots of photos so the rest of us can live vicariously through your Instagram page. The online world will thank you for it.