Disney Just Dropped A TON Of Millennial Pink Desserts & The Pics Will Make You Drool


It’s always a good day when I get to kick things off by thinking in great detail about dessert — and today? Today is a very good day, indeed: A ton of millennial pink desserts at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. have just arrived, giving me license to spend an hour or two drooling over the most spectacular-looking milkshakes, cupcakes, and boozy beverages I’ve ever seen. How’s your Tuesday going? Good? Fine? Not so great? Well, whatever state your morning is currently it, it will undoubtedly be made even better by joining me on this sweet journey. Come. Let us explore these wonders together.

Disney gave us the lowdown on all 10 of these magnificent treats in a post on the Disney Parks Blog last Friday — although as you may have noticed, these new bites to eat are far from the first time the theme park giant has dipped its proverbial toe in the millennial pink waters. Millennial pink Minnie ears? Been there. Millennial pink MagicBands? Done that. Millennial pink Disney spirit jerseys? Literally got the T-shirt. Much like they did with the rose gold trend before it, Disney is leaning hard into millennial pink — and their efforts seem to be paying off.

Here’s the funny thing: I’m actually not that into pink just as, y’know, a color. I just don’t really have a “pink” kind of personality. But you know what I do love? Pink food. This is primarily because pink foods come in all the best flavors, with berries — my personal favorite — being dominant. Even when the color of the food in question has very little to do with how it tastes, though, I still kind of adore pink treats; I might not feel like wearing pink most of the time, but eating it is something I associate with a sense of whimsy. I love all things whimsical, so pink food gets an A-plus in my book.

Here are 10 millennial pink sweets and treats you can get at Walt Disney World right now. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself!


Millennial Pink Milkshake

Where to get it: The Magic Kingdom, Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies (Tomorrowland).

There are a lot of flavors a pink milkshake could be, but sometimes, it’s best to go with the classics: This one is strawberry. But even if a strawberry shake doesn’t sound super exciting to you, this strawberry shake is topped with pink cotton candy and a giant pink marshmallow shaped like Mickey’s head. That’s… pretty spectacular if you ask me.


Millennial Pink Cupcake: Option One

Where to get it: The Polynesian Village Resort, Capt. Cook’s.

There are no fewer than four millennial pink cupcakes available at Disney World now — but which ones you can get change up depending on where in the resort you are. At the Polynesian Village — one of Disney’s “Deluxe Resort” (read: expensive) hotels, as well as one of the first on-site hotels ever opened at Disney World — there’s this one: A vanilla cupcake with a guava cream filling and buttercream frosting, topped with a pair of Minnie ears made out of fondant.


Millennial Pink Cupcake: Option Two

Where to get it: EPCOT, Fountain View (Future World).

Like the Polynesian Village cupcake, this one starts with vanilla cake; however, it’s filled with strawberry pastry cream instead of guava, and the frosting and fondant ears have a slightly different design to them. Fountain View is also one of the places in EPCOT that serves Starbucks, so if you need a caffeinated pick-me-up to go with your treat, this spot has you covered.


Millennial Pink Raspberry Cream Puff

Where to get it: The Yacht Club Resort, the Market at Ale & Compass; the Beach Club Resort, Beach Club Marketplace.

The Market at Ale & Compass and the Beach Club Marketplace are quick service spots, which means you can just duck in, grab your treat, and go. The cream puff is filled with raspberry Bavarian cream; it’s also glazed with pink sugar icing (which probably explains why I thought it was a cookie initially). It’s available for purchase as of April 12.


Millennial Pink Pop

Where to get it: Disney’s BoardWalk, BoardWalk Bakery.

I am… not actually sure exactly what this “pop” is. At first, I thought it was a cake pop, but its description implies that maybe it’s a Rice Krispy treat? It’s a bit of a mystery. In any event, according to the Disney Parks Blog, it consists of a “crispy treat dome… dipped in which chocolate and topped with pink crispy pearls and millennial Minnie ears.” It’s available at the BoardWalk Bakery at the BoardWalk resort starting on April 19. (Also, the BoardWalk is one of my favorite Disney World resorts, so if you ever have the opportunity to stay there, absolutely do so. The theming is delightful, and there is a dueling piano bar on the property. Heck and yes.)


Millennial Pink Celebration Toast

Where to get it: Disney Springs, Amorette’s Patisserie.

It was big news when Downtown Disney was remodeled into Disney Springs — and the changes weren’t just cosmetic: A bunch of new stores and restaurants arrived with the 2016 opening of the revamped area. Amorette’s Patisserie, a fancy pastry shop, was one of those new arrivals… and among its tasty offerings is the Millennial Pink Celebration Toast. By “toast,” however, I mean the kind you make with a glass of champagne, rather than the kind you make with bread — and indeed, a nice glass of bubbly is exactly what the drink is. This pink drink is officially called Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvee; it’s topped with a pair of millennial pink chocolate Minnie ears. It’s available starting this week.


Millennial Pink Piñata

Where to get it: Disney Springs, The Ganachery.

If Amorette’s Patisserie is where you go in Disney Springs in order to get the fanciest of pastries, The Ganachery is where you go to get the fanciest of chocolates. This “piñata” consists of a dark hollow dome made of dark chocolate that’s been filled with vanilla bean marshmallows and strawberry “crispy pearls”; then, it’s topped with white chocolate Minnie ears.

But that’s not the only millennial pink sweet on offer at The Ganachery — there’s also…


Millennial Pink-Berry Ganache Square

Where to get it: Disney Springs, The Ganachery.

Although perhaps a little less elaborate-looking than the chocolate piñata, this cute little square sounds no less delicious. Take some strawberry-lemon ganache and cover it in milk chocolate, and you’ve got the perfect bite-sized treat. Think of it as the chicest Ghirardelli square you’ve ever seen.


Millennial Pink Cupcake: Option Three (Millennial Pink Chocolate Cupcake)

Where to get it: A lot of places. Spots carrying it include the Riverside Mill Food Court at the Port Orleans – Riverside resort, the food courts at all of the All-Star Resorts, the Landscape of Flavors at the Art of Animation resort, the Artist’s Palette at the Saratoga Springs resort, and the Everything POP Shopping & Dining center at the Pop Century resort.

Vanilla cupcakes not your jam? Try this one instead: The cake is chocolate, the filling is raspberry marshmallow, and the frosting is raspberry buttercream. It also looks like it’s topped with chocolate mouse ears.


Millennial Pink Cupcake: Option Four (Millennial Pink Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake)

Where to get it: Animal Kingdom Lodge, The Mara.

To be honest, this cupcake sounds pretty similar to the other chocolate cupcake; however, there are a few differences that might make it equally worth your while: The cake is chocolate devil’s food cake, rather than straight-up chocolate cake; the filling is raspberry mousse instead of marshmallow; and along with the millennial pink buttercream and fondant ears, there’s edible glitter to top the whole thing off.

Most of these treats are available now — and if they aren't yet, then they're arriving soon (this week, even!).

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a vacation to plan...