Does Meghan Markle Pay For Her Own Clothes? Here's How The Royal Wardrobe Works

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The Meghan Markle Effect is alive and well. Every single time that she steps out, people are dying to know what she's wearing and where to get it. That might leave you wondering if Meghan Markle pays for her own clothing. Well, according to People, the once-actress isn't isn't on the royal budget just yet, but she will be soon.

Markle is constantly stepping out in gorgeous jackets, dresses, and must-have bags. Apparently, the soon-to-be royal calls all the sartorial shots. According to numerous publications, Markle and Prince Harry pay for all of their clothing themselves. In short, the royals are just like you — just richer.

Every single item from the gorgeous jacket that she wore to announce her engagement to the purses that can't seem to stay in stock is paid for completely by Markle. Yes, that even includes the mesh-topped gown that she wore for her engagement photos. You know, the one that's not even actually available to purchase online.

It goes a little bit further than that though. According to People, Markle isn't allowed to take clothing for free form designers. That means that every single item that you see her in public wearing was bought by her — from the mix-and-match earrings to her stunning pumps that matched Kate Middleton's.

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That all changes as soon as Markle and Prince Harry get married though. According to People, once the two wed, Markle's clothing will be paid for from the allowance that Prince Charles gives to Prince William and Harry as well as Kate Middleton. The three of them get a cool $28 million to play around with. There's no word if the total will go up when Markle joins the family or if she'll just get a cut of what's already there.

There's a good chance that Markle's wardrobe might change slightly when she uses royal money to get dressed in the morning. The soon-to-be royal has been wearing some rule-breaking outfits for her first few months in the spotlight. That's not just fashion rules, but royal rules. There are certain things that royals can and cannot wear in public, and Markle broke a few of those.

For instance, Markle didn't wear stockings with her dress to announce her engagement. She also carried the wrong type of handbag on her first royal outing. Markle has also wore her hair in a messy bun twice, which is against royal ruling. This might be because she is trying to blend her current wardrobe with her new sartorial styling.

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As soon as Markle becomes an official part of the royal family, her fashion habits will likely change as well. Say goodbye to the days of going out shopping or adding items to an online cart. She'll have someone to do it for her.

According to People, Middleton's assistant "call[s] in several options from designers. After they have chosen an outfit, the others are returned and the one that is worn is paid for." The publication states that the shopping tactics will likely be the same for Markle.

It will be interesting to see if the once-actresses' style changes after she gets married. Markle loves her high-end designers and is often on top of trends — like her mesh engagement dress and mix-and0match earrings. While she has given up shorts and worn longer dresses since seeing Prince Harry, there's a good chance that her style will keep evolving.

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Of course, that leave one big fashion statement to be made — her wedding dress. Not only will the be the end of her completely self-chosen outfits, but it will also be a style that's remembered forever. Mark your calendars for May 19, because this is a bigger fashion moment than you might think.