Mona Might Know Something Big On 'PLL'

by Amy Mackelden

Pretty Little Liars returns for its final 10 episodes on April 18, 2017, and fans are already speculating about how the series will end. It's hard to believe that Season 7B will be the end of the show for good, and with so many mysteries left to solve, the Liars have their work cut out for them. One character that's always fascinated me is Mona Vanderwaaal, with her incredible sense of style and unending number of sarcastic comebacks. Since she's changing sides, it's impossible to know where Mona's loyalties lie. And, in the latest Pretty Little Liars trailer, it seems as though Mona knows who A.D. is.

Having been the dreaded A herself, Mona has a special insight into how A.D. works, and in recent seasons, has become an important ally of the Liars. While Mona is still very much a suspect, the new trailer sees her talking about A.D., suggesting that she's working for the right team after all. In a captivating speech, Mona says,

We swim around in this fish bowl like we're in control. We are not. There's always been somebody watching, manipulating. We're out of our league. All of us.

So the most important question has to be, does Mona know who A.D. is? It sounds as though she's figured something out.

Mona's declaration that "There's always been somebody watching, manipulating," is especially interesting, since, throughout its seven seasons, Pretty Little Liars has made reference to a puppet master of sorts. Always playing with doll versions of the Liars, A.D. has an obsession with making the group do whatever they're ordered to do, and Mona's speech only confirms this coercion. In particular, it's known that A.D. has made people do things they don't want to do while playing the long game, which perhaps exonerates Mona from her previous actions as A.

It's interesting that Mona has to spell this out, announcing to someone else that they're not in control and never have been. By reiterating the point, she seems to be drawing closer to figuring out who A.D. really is. She can see the web that's been woven, and seems to understand that no one's actions have been their own. While Mona doesn't say that she knows who A.D. is, she has become aware of the intricacies of the game and understands that, even when she feels strong, she's not totally in control of the situation. And that's terrifying.

Pretty Little Liars returns on April 18, 2017, and we'll hopefully find out whether or not Mona is A.D. once and for all. She's a suspect, but the latest trailer makes it sound as though she's a pawn in the game, rather than the player.