A Website Called "Does The Dog Die" Is For Anyone Who Hates Sad Dog Movies

by Brittany Bennett
Fox 2000 Pictures

Any death in a movie, book, or TV show is upsetting and can be very disturbing. The Lion King? My sobs are unstoppable. I don't even watch Game of Thrones — don't @ me — but I know all about the Red Wedding and felt how emotionally distraught you all were. So, in case you want to avoid surprise human and animal deaths that would warrant approximately five tissue boxes, and who has the space in their purse for that, there's a website for that. This website lets you know if the dog dies at the end of the movie, and honestly thank you.

The website emotionally prepares viewers for anything that might come as a surprise to them. Because nobody likes to be caught off-guard — especially when it involves an unexpected death of a precious pup. If you've lost a pet in the past, you know just how upsetting this can be. For some people, the lat thing they want is to bring up memories of that experience, particularly if it's recent.

And now we can avoid that. is a very straightforward, appreciated tool that lets you know straight up if the dog dies. Whether it's in a movie, a TV show, or a book, you will get a "yes" or "no" answer after you simply search for the title. Before settling into the cozy couch, consult the website. Even if you decide to go through with the viewing, you'll know what to expect and can just get up to refill the popcorn or take a lap or give your dog an endless hug in the other room to avoid a serious case of the sads.

For animal lovers of all species, this tool doesn't just let you know about the fate of the beloved canine. You can search all kinds of animals like horses or cats. You can even search the category "an animal dies (besides a dog, cat or horse)". But this tool is also not just exclusive to animals. There are upwards of 50 topics to search and some of these search topics actually reveal spoilers that have the potential to be seriously triggering.

Of course, there are plenty of movies about dogs where they don't die. Also of course, I can't promise that you won't cry in these films. The sweet, perfect golden retriever we all know as Air Bud does not pass away in the 1997 movie titled Air Bud, but he is yelled at by his very sad, sorry best friend to run away. And though his best friend thinks that it's for Air Bud's own good, it is strikingly emotional.

Let us all default to having at least one case of tissues on hand when it comes to watching a movie with a dog in it. No matter the size of their role, their presence adds emotional depth to the film as a whole. And now thanks to the website, we can get a sense of what movies to watch and which to categorize as a "nope".