Easy 'Harry Potter' Costume Ideas For Halloween 2017 That All Die-Hard Fans Need To See

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When you are a dedicated member of the Harry Potter fandom, Halloween is just another excuse to show off your adoration. Easy Harry Potter costume ideas make it even easier, whether or not you are a die-hard follower. Granted, you can always buy a legitimate costume for complete accuracy. That is what party stores are for, after all.

But when you are strapped for cash (or cannot see yourself wearing a Gryffindor robe between now and next Halloween), a simpler interpretation is just fine. That is what is so great about easy Halloween costumes. You can re-create a certain look without having to spend a fortune. Even better, you do not need to match every little last detail. If you use your imagination, you can make basic items work. For example, you can use a plain black robe to become a Gryffindor. Just print out the house crest and pin it on. Done and done.

Also, remember that the thrift store is your friend. It is one of the best sources when you are obsessed with Halloween. They key is to start early enough so you have time to find what you need. With the right approach, you can even coordinate Harry Potter costumes for your whole squad. Now, that is what I call magical.

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1. Harry Potter


For an easy take on the Boy Who Lived, skip the pricey Gryffindor robe for a plain black version and a red-and-gold striped tie. Throw on round glasses and draw a lightning bolt "scar" for instant Potter vibes.

You'll Need: Black Robe, $21, Amazon | Red and Gold Striped Tie, $9, Trouva | Wand, $30, Amazon | Round Glasses, $41, Trouva

2. Hermione Granger


Channeling the series' heroine is just as simple. Aside from the classic striped tie and wand, throw on a Time Turner necklace (from Etsy) and tote around your favorite books. Of course, don't forget to make your hair super frizzy, too.

You'll Need: Black Robe, $21, Amazon | Red and Gold Striped Tie, $9, Trouva | Time Turner Necklace, $12, Amazon | Wand, $30, Amazon | Your Favorite Books

3. Professor Sprout


Fellow plant ladies will adore this simple take on Professor Sprout. Wear a brown or tan robe, matching hat, and a leaf necklace. If you're feeling crafty, glue a faux leaf garland to the robe or just wrap it around your neck. Carry a houseplant around for good measure.

You'll Need: Brown or tan robe, $22, Amazon | Brown Pointed Hat, $17, Amazon | Green Leaf Necklace, $10, Maykool | House Plant

4. Dolores Umbridge


Only someone like Dolores Umbridge could make pink seem so evil. Luckily, millennial pink is a thing, so re-creating her outfit won't be hard. If you can't find a jacket, opt for a cardigan or blazer.

You'll Need: Pink Coat, $80, River Island | Pink Skirt, $53, Chicwish | Pink Beret, $9, New Chic | Pink Tights, $14, Zappos | Pink Heels, $56, Macy's

5. Rita Skeeter


Rita Skeeter makes for another wonderfully obnoxious costume. Here, the key items are a bright green jacket and matching skirt. To complete the look, cut up a maroon or black feather boa and hot glue to the edge of each piece. Don't forget a blonde ringlet wig, too.

You'll Need: Green Jacket, $137, Bluefly | Maroon Feather Boa, $11, Amazon | Green Skirt, $25, Amazon | Rectangle Glasses, $10, Overstock | Green Earrings, $26, Etsy | Feather Quill, $9, Amazon

6. Moaning Myrtle


When you break it down, a Moaning Myrtle costume is eerily simple. Start with a gray and white uniform ensemble and tie your hair in pigtails. Cover your face with white makeup. To make your outfit look just as ghostly, cover yourself in baby powder.

You'll Need: Gray cape, $26, Amazon | White Button Down Shirt, $40, Hollister | Gray Pleated Skirt, $13, Amazon | Gray Tie, $19, Lord & Taylor | Round Glasses, $10, ZeroUV

7. Bellatrix Lestrange


As evil as she was, Bellatrix was one badass lady. Her look is perfect for those who are all about that black-on-black ensemble. You can easily re-use a black summer dress, too. Top it off with a black leather vest and some gothic jewelry.

You'll Need: Black Lace Maxi Dress, $33, Forever 21 | Black Faux Leather Vest, $37, Amazon | Black Elbow-length Gloves, $22, Luxury Divas | Black Necklace, $17, Amazon

8. Professor Trelawney


The classic Professor Trelawney outfit is basically a Potter-fied fall outfit. Layer a cotton or gauze tunic over a maxi skirt, slip into brown boots, and wear a head scarf. You even just use a printed strip of fabric.

You'll Need: Brown Tunic, $30, Macy's | Printed Head Scarf, $60, Zimmermann | Printed Patchwork Skirt, $138, Macy's | Round Glasses, $15, Popmap | Layered Necklaces, $22, Belk | Brown Boots, $70, Kohls

9. Dobby


Dobby is as easy as it gets. All you need is a comfy white dress and a pair of elf ears. If you're the crafty type, sew two panels of white cotton fabric into a "pillowcase" tunic. Complete the look by carrying around a sock.

You'll Need: White Dress, $9, Amazon | Elf Ears, $10, Amazon | Socks, $12, H&M

10. Luna Lovegood


Miss Luna Lovegood is another character that's easy to emulate. Any gray and white school ensemble works. It's all about two essential items: a blue and white striped tie and radish earrings.

You'll Need: Gray Sweater, $30, Luxury Divas | Gray Pleated Skirt, $13, Amazon | White Button Down Shirt, $40, Hollister | Navy and Silver Tie, $16, Tie Mart | Radish Earrings, $13, Etsy

11. Newt Scamander


Only die-hard Harry Potter fans will recognize Newt Scamander's look. Thankfully, dressing up as the famed Magizoologist is easy. Simply layer the vest over the shirt and finish it off with a bow tie. A clip-on version works just fine. Basically, this outfit is a stylish fall outfit.

You'll Need: Turquoise Blazer, $23, Amazon | Light Brown Vest, $74, Brooks Brothers | White Button Down Shirt, $40, Hollister | Black Bow Tie, $33, Harrods

12. Hagrid


Like Newt Scamander, Hagrid's typial outfit is comfy and easy. Just be sure to wear the belt around your waist. The chunkier, the better. Of course, don't forget the most important accessory: a beard wig.

You'll Need: Brown Coat, $30, Amazon | Red Shirt, $7, H&M | Brown Vest, $20, Lands' End | Brown Pants, $65, Topman | Leather Belt, $45, Zappos | Brown Boots, $80, Zappos | Beard Wig, $5, Amazon

13. Fleur Delacour


Last but not least, there's the enchanting Fleur Delacour. Like Umbridge, Fleur's look is all about one color: powder blue. However, various shades can work, so keep your eyes peeled. If you can't find a coat, go for a blazer or cardigan.

You'll Need: Light Blue Blazer, $27, Amazon | Blue Dress, $90, Topshop | Blue Hat, $6, Amazon | Black Tights, $8, Lord & Taylor | Blue Heels, $22, Charlotte Russe | Hair Bow, $15, Nordstrom