Ed Sheeran Addressed Taylor Swift's Feud With Scooter Braun In A Very Low-Key Way

by Nicole Pomarico
Anna Webber/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the days since Taylor Swift posted a Tumblr blog about Scooter Braun buying Big Machine from former owner Scott Borchetta, celebrities are starting to take sides — and fans are getting upset that people who have seemed close to Swift in the past have stayed silent. But now, Ed Sheeran has addressed Swift's feud, letting everyone know that he's supported his friend privately.

On Sunday, Swift wrote about the acquisition and what it meant for her career and her personally — according to her, Braun has bullied her in the past and now, he owns the master recordings to all of the music she's ever created. (Bustle reached out to Braun's rep for comment on Swift's claims, but did not receive an immediate response.) Although she immediately received support from some of her fellow artists, fans definitely noticed that Sheeran (who opened for Swift on her Red tour and has been seemingly close friends with her ever since) was staying out of it... until now.

After receiving many, many comments on his Instagram posts from Swift fans asking why he hasn't spoken up, on Monday night, Sheeran finally responded. One fan commented on a post Sheeran made promoting his song, "Beautiful People," asking others to leave him alone in regards to Swift, because it's possible he was still supporting her despite his public silence, and it turns out, that was exactly what he was doing.

"I have been speaking directly to her, like I always do," Sheeran wrote.


It makes sense that fans would be concerned; the Scooter Braun/Scott Borschetta debacle has been making headlines for at least 48 hours now, and some celebrities (like Justin Bieber) have made their stance against Swift very clear. Being that Sheeran recently released a single with Bieber, "I Don't Care," despite Swift's past, his public silence on this issue wasn't looking good.

But Swift and Sheeran have been friends for at least seven years, and it seems like he's standing by her side through this situation, too... even if he hasn't made any sweeping Instagram declarations to prove it.

Sheeran's also not the only one who has been keeping his support of Swift off of social media. When a fan asked Kelsea Ballerini what her thoughts were on the situation, she replied saying, "I've reached out to her and love her very much."

Meanwhile, others have been more vocal. On Sunday, Halsey supported Swift on Twitter, sharing what her songwriting means to her and how important it is for artists to own their own music. Cara Delevingne also stood up for Swift in a comment she left on Bieber's Instagram, calling him out for speaking out of turn and tearing women down.

It's hard to imagine what Swift must be going through this week, but it's good to see that she has the support of her friends at this time. With her new album, Lover, coming out in August, both the singer and her fans have a lot to look forward to, and while her past may now be under Braun's authority, she has the control she's been looking for when it comes to her future.