Here’s Everything We Know About Kanye West's New Albums So Far

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If you've been paying attention to social media over the past few weeks, you've probably come across a few of rapper and producer extraordinaire Kanye West's tweets. Along with announcing his political stance and his own takes on American history, the College Dropout artist also made mention of a few creative projects he has on the way. That's right — Kanye West is releasing two new albums in June, and here's everything we know about them so far — including the new song titles West hinted at in a video he posted to Twitter on Tuesday, May 15.

Whether shaking up the fashion industry with his Yeezy Collections, or sharing plans for his future architectural businesses, one thing's for sure — Kanye's imprint on the music industry is major, and any new music coming from the artist would be much appreciated by fans. It's been two years since Kanye's The Life of Pablo hit the airwaves, so his latest announcement couldn't have come at a better time. But, with Kanye dropping bits and pieces about his upcoming projects at a time, and the media tailspin focusing more so on his political leanings than his artistry, fans could totally be confused, in terms of "which album is planning to drop when."

If you're one of the many fans waiting with bated breath for Kanye's new music to release, however, no need to fret. Because below is every piece of information the creative has shared about his new albums, thus far.


Kanye & Kid Cudi Have A Joint Album Coming

Within one of his first tweets back on the social platform, the Chicago native announced that, not only will he be releasing his own solo project, he's collaborating with Kid Cudi on a joint album.

According to Ye's Twitter account, he and Kid Cudi's group, Kids See Ghosts, have an upcoming album scheduled for a June 8 release.


Kanye Is Releasing A Solo Project

And Kanye's solo album, you ask? Yeah, that's scheduled to hit the airwaves on June 1 — according to Ye's Twitter account, as well.


Kanye Released His Supposed Album Title & Cover Art

Now for Kanye's June 1 release, the artist took the world by storm when he hinted at the inspiration for the project. According to Ye's tweets, his eighth studio album will be entitled Love Everyone. And for the cover art, Ye is deciding to go completely against the grain, using the mugshot of Jan Adams — the surgeon who performed surgery on his mother Donda West days before her death.

Kanye was extremely close to his mother, and since her death, has paid homage to her memory is a many ways — including naming his creative house, DONDA, after her, and making his oldest child with Kim Kardashian her namesake, giving North West the middle name Donda, as well. So, it's only fitting that Kanye dedicate an album, supposedly filled with lessons he's learned since her passing (according to his tweets), to her as well.


The Albums Appear To Be Seven Songs

Both Kanye's solo project and his joint project with Kid Cudi are said to only feature seven songs each. But seeing as fans will get to hear them both within a week, the short tracklists aren't too bad, right?


The Tracklist Is Here, But “Lift Yourself” & “Ye Vs. The People” Don’t Appear To Be On Either Album

Almost a month after announcing the aforementioned details about his upcoming projects, Kanye released a video of his to his Twitter working on music on May 15 — and in turn, giving fans a preview of the tracklists for all of them. The Kids See Ghosts collab looks to be complete, with the seven song tracklist featuring songs entitled, "Feel the Love" and "Ghost Town," but the tracklisting for Kanye's solo project looks to be incomplete.

So far Ye's upcoming project only has two tracks, entitled "Extacy" and "Wouldn't Leave," and noticeably missing are Kanye's recent releases "Lift Yourself" and "Ye vs. The People," featuring T.I. However, with the track listing still seemingly needing to be filled, there's a chance that the two tracks, which essentially earned fan's respect in their own right, there's still a chance that they could make the album.


Along With His Personal Projects, Kanye Is Producing Two Others

Kanye's hiatus from the media's eye doesn't appear to have been in vain. According to the artist's Twitter account, he's preparing to release a few other productions just in time for summer too.

Just before Kids See Ghosts and Kanye's solo album releases, his artist and President of his record label Pusha T will be releasing his third studio album on May 25.

Following Kids See Ghosts' June 8 release, the Kanye West produced Nas album will hit shelves June 15, and directly after, Teyana Taylor's album, also produced by Kanye, will be available June 22.


And Then There’s The Book

In addition to delivering new music, the multi-talent is also working on a book. According to Ye's Twitter account, he's currently putting together a book that will be extension of his creative expression, is coming directly from his heart, and isn't fitting of any "financial opportunity."

In a series of follow up tweets, Kanye used quotations when writing "book," hinting that fans shouldn't expect a traditional-looking project from the artist. There's no telling what exactly will be included within, but with a heavy concentration on "free-thought" and creative freedom, delivering a piece of work that's out of the box is totally up his alley.

Kanye may have stirred up quite a bit of controversy with his recent tweets and interviews, but you have to admit, his upcoming projects — both musical and literal — are too exciting to ignore.