You Won't Want To Miss Felicity Jones On 'SNL'

by S. Atkinson
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's cold and it's dark and it's January, but wait — don't despair. A certain sketch show knows exactly how you feel and they've dropped the Felicity Jones Saturday Night Live teaser just in time to lift your sagging spirits. Because nothing says "screw my new intensive workout regime" like feasting your eyes on that charismatic rebel, Jyn Erso, or Jones, her earthly counterpart. You won't want to miss this episode of SNL.

The 33-year-old actor will be hosting the first 2017 episode of Saturday Night Live. On one hand, this makes sense. Jones is young, sparky, and one of the most prominent women in film of the last year, making it onto Forbes' 2016 list of top-earning actors. But when you take a moment to really consider it, Jones in particular isn't necessarily an obvious choice. While she won critical acclaim for her charismatic portrayal of action heroine Erso, and was nominated for an Oscar back in 2015 for her work in The Theory of Everything, she's not widely known for being hilarious. Which is crazy, because back before Jones became the high-profile star you know today, she charmed audiences on The Worst Witch and Chalet Girl. But first, check out one of the most memorable SNL teasers in ages.

In my opinion, Jones' comic talents have gone unnoticed far too long. As a Brit who used to be addicted to Jones' considerable talents when she played the priggish Ethel Hallow on the television adaptation of The Worst Witch, her potential has been apparent for decades. Translation for viewers who have never read the books: Mildred Hubble (the one with the braids) is the fun, cool, chaotic one, and Ethel is an insufferable square who gets great grades and is the worst. To pretend to be the worst when you're not and you're quite fun means you have to abandon all vanity, which Jones does wonderfully at 1:14 in the clip below.

Even with almost no lines in a (sorry, Chalet Girl) distinctly average rom-com, Jones shines as put-upon chalet serf, Kim. She even manages to steal the scene away from the man who was already firmly established as Chuck Bass and the prince of every teen viewer's heart — none other than Ed frickin' Westwick, you guys.

So, if the SNL teaser hadn't already hit it home, hopefully the other clips did. Jones is fire in a comic setting. Here's hoping the world realizes as much after she hosts SNL.