These Two Mysterious Characters Could FINALLY Meet In 'Game of Thrones' Season 8

It looks like King's Landing is getting a little bit crowded ahead of Game of Thrones Season 8. In what may be the strangest cast spotting yet, Winter is Coming reports that Game Of Thrones actors Tom Wlaschiha and Vladimir Furdik have been spotted in the same area of Seville, Spain. Yes, that's Jaqen H’ghar and the Night King. No, this doesn't make any sense, and just in case you want to be even more confused, Faye Marsay, the Waif, is also there. What is even happening?

Now, the Game of Thrones producers like to keep fans guessing during filming, and most of the cast appears to be currently filming something important in the Dragon Pit. Those scenes, as well as many King's Landing scenes, are all shot in Seville. According to Winter is Coming, other castmembers who have been spotted in the area include: Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Joe Dempsie, John Bradley, Liam Cunningham, and Conleth Hill. While intrepid fans haven't been able to snap their pictures yet, Kit Harington and Iain Glen are rumored to be in the area as well, as reported by the fan-site. That's basically the entire remaining cast aside from the actors who play the show's two queens, Daenerys and Cersei.

Even if the producers are bringing in actors to confuse fans, like when Sibel Kekelli, who played Tyrion's doomed lover Shae, visited the set in Season 6, and ended up in costume despite not appearing in the season at all. Since Season 8 is the series' last, the stakes are higher than ever before, so there's no guarantee that the Night King and Jaqen H'ghar's paths will actually cross — but how cool would it be if they do?

Jaqen and the Faceless Men have been a major part of Arya's journey. Her training with them helped turn her into the deadly young woman that put an end to Littlefinger in Season 7. Bringing the man who led her to Braavos into her world in Westeros once more could be an amazing full circle moment. It would also be interesting to see the Faceless Men — an order of assassins — fighting alongside everyone else in order to survive.

Of course, they also pray to the god of death, so they might get along swimmingly with the Night King. After all, he gives people life after death in his own super creepy way. It's hard to imagine what the White Walkers and the Faceless Men would do if they encountered each other, because they've been part of two very different storylines for so long.

However, if anything is going to bring all of the remaining characters together, it's likely going to be survival. And it doesn't seem too far-fetched to imagine the Dragon Pit becoming either a battleground or a sanctuary for disparate characters who will likely be pushed south as the Night King and his army continue to march through Westeros.

In theory, this could create a scenario where Jaqen comes face to face with the Night King creating the bizarre character mash-up you never knew you wanted. And hey, someone wearing the Waif's face could be there too — Arya, perhaps? Stranger things have definitely happened on this show.

Fans shouldn't get their hopes up for the return of Jaqen, or a meeting between the Faceless Men and the Night King, up too high just yet, though. With the show coming to an end, there will likely be plenty of familiar faces dropping by the set. Trying to figure who's actually making an appearance, and who's simply serving as a plot decoy isn't going to be easy.

For now, there's no guarantee that the amazing Jaqen is joining in the final battle on either side of the fight, but Wlaschiha is definitely hanging out with his former castmates. Sadly, it will likely be 2019 before fans find out if two of the show's most mysterious characters are destined to meet.