Even Hannah's Parents Were Upset She Sent Mike Home On 'The Bachelorette'

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/John Fleenor

Did anyone else cry while watching Hannah Brown dump Mike Johnson on The Bachelorette on Monday night? No one else? OK, then. There's no confirmation (or denial) of tears, but even Hannah's parents were upset she sent Mike home on The Bachelorette, according to the reality star herself.

After the episode aired, Hannah posted some behind-the-scenes photos from her solo date with Mike on Instagram. Thankfully, these were not photos of the tears-filled breakup, but they still sparked fan responses. One fan commented, "My grandma was crazy upset you sent Mike home :/." In response, Hannah revealed, "my parents were upset too." And honestly, who could blame them!?

Mike is a stand-up guy. He was so into Hannah. He was there for the right reasons. He didn't have a girlfriend at home. He didn't bring a guitar with him everywhere. He shut down the toxic masculinity. Short story long, there are plenty of reasons why the Browns would want Hannah to end up with Mike. Or at the very least, they had every right to be upset that Mike didn't get a rose, but some of the more questionable guys did. (Cough, cough, Luke P. Cough, cough, Jed.)

Hannah Brown/Instagram

As sad as the breakup was, it wasn't exactly a surprise. Hannah was crying before Mike even walked into the night portion of their date. The writing was on the wall, at least for viewers.

On the other hand, Mike declared during the episode, "Tonight, it's going to be extremely clear that I want Hannah to be my wife." He was so excited for her to meet the three ladies in his life: his sister, mom, and grandmother. Ugh, that would have been a great hometown date.


Hannah asked Mike to sit down, and it was so clear that the breakup speech was coming. The Bachelorette recalled, "The first rose ceremony, I was so freaking nervous. You were just smiling and you got me through it." At that point, Mike was still smiling, as always, ironically enough helping Hannah get through the breakup.

Ultimately, Hannah told him,

"I remember one of the first conversations we had was about how you don't want to get your heart broken and I know how bad that hurts. You've talked about the three ladies in your life. They're so amazing and you're looking for your fourth lady and I know that I'm not that fourth lady."

Hannah could not hold back her tears during that moment. It had to be tough to relive, especially since she was watching the episode with her parents, who apparently had a lot to say about it, according to her live tweets.

During her date with Tyler C., Hannah said she wanted to have better communication in her future marriage than her parents do in theirs. That just had to be so awkward for them to watch together. Hopefully there were some other people in the room to serve as buffers.

With 10 minutes to go in the episode, Hannah tweeted that her parents' reaction was probably similar to viewers' opinions. Based on the timing, this was very likely related to the Luke P. drama.

In a subsequent tweet, Hannah didn't get into the specifics of the conversation, but she made it clear that her mom was not happy with something she said or did during the episode.

If only Hannah had her parents around to help with the decision making this season. Hopefully, they come on for the finale to meet her final two men and provide some valuable insight. In the mean time, it's safe to assume that Mr. and Mrs. Brown will tune in if Mike nabs the Bachelor lead next season.