Brienne Is So Incredibly Stunning Outside Of 'GoT'

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Tormund Giantsbane is into her, fans love her, and even Jaime Lannister has a soft spot for her. Gwendoline Christie has managed to woo the world as Brienne of Tarth on Game Of Thrones since first appearing in Season 2. Although her time on Game Of Thrones hasn't been easy, as she has been mocked for her size and for her "unladylike" appearance, Brienne has seemingly finally found some acceptance up in the North in Season 7. Outside of Game Of Thrones though, fans have always been all about what Brienne looks like in real life since Christie is a fashion icon for the ages.

Of course, Christie shares the same striking height of 6 foot 3 inches as her character Brienne, but the comparisons can stop there since the actor has a sense of style that Brienne would never even think of rocking. But that doesn't mean that first stepping into Brienne's costume didn't impact Christie and bring up some insecurities for her. In an interview with the actor, Newsweek noted that Christie added 28 pounds of muscle to play Brienne. "I remember when I had my hair cut off, the armor, the mud…I completely changed the way that I looked," Christie told Newsweek. "I knew I had to overcome the things that I was uncomfortable with, like my androgyny, my height, my physical strength, feeling like an outsider, being told I was an outsider. It's definitely given me more confidence."

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Despite her past of feeling like an outsider, Christie seems to exude that confidence in photos of her in real life.

In recent photos, she has her blonde hair longer than what Brienne fans are used to seeing — like in this image of her discussing her role in Top Of The Lake: China Girl.

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Christie has also been wearing oversized pantsuits lately, which make such a statement on her tall frame.

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Yet, unlike Brienne, she embraces her uber-feminine side too. Here's her looking like an ice queen that the White Walkers should fear at the Game Of Thrones Season 7 premiere.

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And looking like the most beautiful rose come to life at the Cannes Film Festival with her Top Of The Lake cast. House Tyrell would have approved (RIP).

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Christie has one of the best red carpet games out there as she's unafraid to try out a wide range of styles.

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It's no wonder that she received the Red Carpet Style Ambassador award at the British Fashion Awards in 2015.

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If you think her transformation in and out of Game Of Thrones is incredible, it's even more extreme when it comes to Star Wars. After all, her character Captain Phasma never took her helmet off in The Force Awakens.

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But during events promoting Star Wars, Christie looked more like a glowing princess than a stormtrooper commander — particularly in her silver gown at the world premiere of The Force Awakens.

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So while it's a rare event for Brienne to ever appear on Game Of Thrones without her armor, Christie is known for her fashion sense outside of her most notable role. But no matter what Brienne wears, fans — and Tormund — will always adore her for her many other virtues and for staying true to herself.