How Do I Improve My Sex Life? 16 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Getting Hot & Heavy

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Talking about sex may conjure images of clinical conversations or dirty talk. Really, there are multitudes of conversations to be had in between, many of which can vastly improve your sex life if you let them. So, when you are considering questions to ask your partner to improve your relationship, consider adding these sex-related questions to the mix.

Communicating, whether it be about your physical desires or your emotional needs, is absolutely necessary for having a healthy, fulfilling sex life. It's important not to let any false narratives cloud your understanding of that.

"The problem is that so many people believe that sex with your partner should always be amazingly magical — without ever saying a word," Dr. Emily Morse, sexologist for LifeStyles and SKYN Condoms, and host of the Sex With Emily podcast, tells Bustle. "Our partners aren’t mind readers and neither are we, so the only way everyone is going to get what they need is with some good old-fashion talking. The very act of talking about sex in a healthy way will most always lead to better sex — which is why I always advise that ‘communication is a lubrication.'" Communication is both the foundation of a good intimate relationship, and a way to continue ramping it up a notch as time goes by.

Plus, there are tons of variables, like consent, confidence, comfortability, and emotional vulnerability. And a lot of them won't be covered unless you actively work to bring them up. If you aren't sure where to start in tackling these topics, however, there are experts to help.

Here are 16 questions to ask to improve your sex life.