How To Successfully Leave A WhatsApp Group In Three, Two... RUN

Good Vibrations Images/Stocksy

Technology is an utterly wonderful but also utterly infuriating part of modern life. There are just so many ways to either accidentally or intentionally tick off your mates and loved ones. And it is absolutely not what you are trying to do, it is just nice to go off the grid sometimes, am I right? Also, sometimes life moves on and that group that was essential to your life in 2014, is now kinda not. Maybe you've muted the group for several 12 month periods, and now it's time to go pro. So if how do you leave a WhatsApp Group without offending people?

We all know the passive aggressive slap in the face that is. Even if it isn't meant in a bad way at all. It is the social media equivalent of dropping the mic really. And real talk you absolutely know what it feels like to receive that notification, so how the hell do you manage to do it without all hell actually breaking loose? Because you have seen the comments people make after someone leaves a WhatsApp group out of the blue. And hell no is that happening to you.

Like all great decisions in life, it is probably not best to act impulsively. You need to think out your decision and act carefully. Lest you get umpteen "OMG did you just leave that LOL group?!" messages. Here's my five step plan to freedom.


Tread Carefully

OK so what is the group. Like, who are you talking to and what is the subject matter? For example, it might be annoying to receive millions of random pics from your family the whole time but y'all, it's family. You cannot leave that group. You will cause huge huge issues.

However, if it is some boring group about an event or to send each other memes or something that you are no longer vibing? Yeah that's cool. Girl bye.


Think Up A Legitimate Excuse/Reason

Like all great ruses, you need to back up your action with cold hard facts. Or at least some facts that have been warmed up with a bit of fiction.

Say for example "I can't be on my phone at work," or maybe "hey guys I'm not getting anything done with all these LOLs!" Lie your way to freedom, people.


Make Sure You Say It Before You Leave The Group

So drop your excuse. Your warmed up apology.

Then wait.

If you haven't given a full and firm reason behind your departure, people will think that you have just done the social media version of slamming the door on their faces.

So make sure it is believable and of course, firm.


Allow At Least One Reply That You Can Respond To

You want at least one "no way!" or "aw sad to see you go babes." Because then you can respond with another apology or underlining the reason why, and then hopefully you will be released without charge.

Free from the grasp of that group you prob didn't ask to be added to.


Drop That Mic

Exit the group ASAP and then delete the group from your phone. You are a strong, assertive adult and deserve to do what you want, when you want to.

What law is there that you have to stay in that group? Zero. You do you babe, this is your time to shine.


Make sure to be a good adult and respond to anyone (that you actually care about) who asks about why you left. But mainly, get the hell out of WhatsApp dodge and live your life honey. You shouldn't feel guilty for doing something that will make your life better.

You're free now.