7 Major Ways Lala Has Changed Since Her First 'Vanderpump Rules' Episode

by Marenah Dobin

When she first appeared on Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent was a polarizing character. She was a complete outsider in the cast when she joined in Season 4, and it took her a long time to get acclimated. Now that the show is on Season 6, it is clear that Lala has changed a lot since her first Season of Vanderpump Rules.

Unlike many reality TV shows where the cast is merely co-workers, the stars of Vanderpump Rules are actually close friends on and off-camera. With that said, it's pretty tough to join the clique.

There have been plenty of people who have tried to become permanent fixtures on the show by joining the friend group. Dedicated viewers might remember Laura-Leigh Claire, Vail Bloom, and even Faith Stowers pre-cheating scandal as people who tried their best to be cast members on this show before Lala came along. Unlike those short-lived side characters, Lala persevered to become a continuously relevant cast member.

Lala has really grown a lot throughout the years. She went from being the one who the entire cast loved hating to being one of the few people who actually gets invited to every single trip, event, and shopping spree.

This show moves so quickly, so it can be a little difficult to keep track of everything, but taking a look back, it's clear that Lala has changed in so many ways since she made her Vanderpump Rules debut.


She & James Are Enemies Now

During her first season, James Kennedy was the only person willing to associate himself with Lala. They were "friends," but there was a strong flirtation and mutual crushing back and forth. They hooked up one time, but stuck to being best friends after that.

But, during the current season, they got into that infamous pasta-fueled argument. Lala admitted she ate James' girlfriend Raquel Leviss' pasta and then James insulted her man, Randall Emmett. Ever since then, Lala has been very vocal about her distaste for James and very adamant that they will never be friends again.


She Became Friends With Katie, Stassi, & Kristen

When Lala first came on the scene, Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute wanted nothing to do with her. Lala's flirtation with Kristen's ex-boyfriend James meant that she and Kristen had no chance of getting along at the time. Lala also said that she had a crush on Katie's now-husband Tom Schwartz and insulted Katie herself many times. Stassi was on her friends' side and wanted nothing to do with Lala either.

Then, Lala and Katie formed a truce at the Season 5 reunion, paving the way for Stassi and Kristen to give Lala another chance, as well. Now, Lala has genuine friendships with the self-proclaimed Witches of WeHo, and they are all hanging out on and off-camera.


She Went From Being Friendless To Being Caught In The Middle

It's amazing that Lala still wanted to be a Vanderpump Rules cast member when she had zero friends on the show. This meant that she only showed up to events when she crashed them, which obviously didn't help her secure many friends.

Now, Lala is friends with every clique on the show and she gets invited to pretty much every event. Of course, this presents a whole set of problems when every person expects you to side with her, but it's a better problem to have than having no friends.


She Went From Being Single To Lying About Her Relationship To Bragging About Her Man

Lala joined the show as a single lady and proud flirt. Then, she got into a super private relationship that she initially refused to talk about. After that, she started telling lies to keep the relationship private. Now, Lala has come clean. She's all about her relationship, constantly talking about how great her boyfriend is and referring to him as "my human."


She Used To Body Shame & Now She's All About Lifting Women Up

Lala was ostracized right from the start, but that is not an excuse for some of the comments that she made to retaliate against her former enemies. During the Season 5 premiere, Lala and James crashed an event and she had the nerve to say, "I can see that everybody here has not been working on their summer bodies."

Now, Lala has become Ariana Madix's go-to person to vent to and her biggest supporter as she works through her own body image struggles this season.


She Started A Makeup Line

Lala joined the show as a SUR host. Now, she has turned her reality TV notoriety into a growing business empire. She uses her "give them Lala" catchphrase for her makeup line called Give Them Lala Beauty. She started out with lip glosses, and now she's expanding to lipsticks, eyeliners, and more.


She Went From Being A Troublemaker To The Voice Of Reason

Lala used to talk trash, crash events, flirt with other women's boyfriends, and pretty much anything else she could do to cause a stir. Now, she is the one doling out the solid advice and (shockingly) often serving as a voice of reason in this group of friends.

Lala has truly come a long way, from being a provocative guest star to a staple of the show. At this point it would be tough to picture Vanderpump Rules without Lala's confidence, humor, and meme-worthy quotes.