The Kylie Nude Bundles Will Get You A Discount

Kylie Jenner clearly had another trick up her sleeve before the launch of her Valentine's Day Collection. A new product has surfaced on the Kylie Cosmetics website, and it's pretty exciting for fans. The Kylie Cosmetics Get The Look bundles are the latest grouping of products to hit the Kylie Cosmetics website, and while they did so without much fanfare, they're still super exciting for Jenner's fans.

While Jenner's bundles are always exciting because they're curated by her, these have another great feature: the price. For $65, fans can snag both the Kyshadow Bronze Palette and a nude lip kit. Typically, the palette would retail for $42 with the lip kit ringing in at $29. If you bought the items seperately, you'd be spending $71 making the bundle a cheaper option if you want to get the look.

That's the other great thing, too. The Bronze Palette has always been considered Jenner's signature. The all matte collection of orange, browns, and coppers definitely create the look that Jenner became known for, and by adding a matte lip, you can actually get Jenner's very own signature look from Jenner herself. There is basically no way to lose when it comes to these bundles if you're a fan of Jenner's makeup game.

If you've ever been worried about choosing the wrong nude for your look, Jenner's taken care of that as well. The bundles were put together to represent light, medium, and dark skin tones.

While Jenner may have released three new Kyshadow palettes and an upcoming palette for the Valentine's Day Collection complete with blushes, the Kyshadow palette seems to always be her go-to nude.

While some may be waiting on the gorgeous collections of pinks and reds of the Valentine's Day Collection, if you're looking for something more on the neutral side the bundles are perfect.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you want to snag the classic Kylie Jenner look and save some money on her most signature products, the Kylie Cosmetics Get the Look nude bundle is the perfect choice.