How To Be A Better Ally To The Minorities In Your Life

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To quote noted philosopher Hannah Montana, nobody’s perfect. Such is human existence. When it comes to allyship, the same remains true: no one expects perfection. So, as imperfect humans growing every day, it’s important for each of us to acknowledge how to be a better ally. As in any aspect of life, when it comes to being an ally, there is always room for growth — and actively pursuing growth is what will strengthen the many movements out there for change.

Allies are an essential part of any movement. As a whole, society is likely going to be more receptive to the voices of allies — which is a frustrating truth and one that persists for the very reasons people are oppressed in the first place. For example, when a man calls out sexism, it’s often easier on society’s ears and praised in ways that would not hold true were a woman to do the same. Essentially, an ally has the privilege of saying, “Hey, look fellow members of the majority. I’m on your side, and here’s why I think what this minority group is saying is valid.” This is why allies are crucial when we talk about human rights.

Love alone does not trump hate. It takes work from everyone on every side. Here are 10 things you can do to make sure you’re being the best ally you can be.