Experts Reveal 7 Tips For Planning A Vegas Wedding

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People who are planning their weddings often joke about just getting married in Vegas to make things legal quickly and easily. Whether you want something simple or you still want a more elaborate traditional ceremony, a few tips and tricks for having a Vegas wedding (like Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas did) can help you do the dang thing in a way that's perfect for you and your partner.

Whether you're a huge fan of the city's bustling atmosphere or you and your spouse just want to get hitched on short notice, with a little research and thought, you can have the best Vegas wedding you can imagine. If you do want to get things done quickly, that's totally doable. "Booking a Vegas chapel for your wedding is as simple as making a dinner reservation," wedding and event planner, Brett Galley, tells Bustle. "Unlike other states, there is no waiting period to obtain your marriage license, so once you decide to take the plunge, find your favorite venue, hotel, or Graceland Wedding Chapel," she says.

But even if you prefer a more traditional wedding in "Sin City," there are plenty of options that incorporate the city's character without sacrificing anything.

Here are some tips for making it the best Las Vegas wedding you can imagine.



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"My number one tip for couples contemplating a Vegas wedding is to really think about the type of wedding they are looking for," Lynne Goldberg, a wedding and event specialist who's planned a number of Vegas weddings, tells Bustle. Do you want an elegant, detailed ceremony? Are you more interested in making your wedding super unique and spur-of-the-moment? Having a clear idea of what you want your big day to be like is key to getting what you want, she says. Since Vegas has so many options, from a Frank Sinatra impersonator wedding to the ballroom wedding at the Bellagio Hotel, you'll be sure to find something you love.


Decide How Involved You Want To Be

One of the potential perks of getting married in Vegas is keeping things low-key. If planning every detail for months on end doesn't sound like your thing, places like Tropicana Las Vegas offer wedding package options for everything from dress and tuxedo rentals to wedding cakes and floral designs, so you can just show up and exchange your vows. Whether you'd like an indoor or an outdoor wedding, the venue's options range from a serene tropical chapel to a terrace spot with views of the city skyline.


Think About The Date

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"No matter which type of wedding one chooses, if they have the luxury of picking a date, stay away from holidays," Goldberg says, "especially Valentine's Day." Since the number of weddings taking place in Las Vegas surges on and around holidays, you may end up paying much more than usual, or even have trouble finding hotels or venues that still have availability.


Plan For Guest Experiences

Unless you and your partner are planning on just jetting off together and getting married privately, it's worth taking some time to visit the city with some of your wedding guests before the big day. "If you're inviting a handful of family or friends, or everyone you know, planning a Las Vegas wedding should be seen as a multi-day experience, not just a one day event," wedding planner and designer Lindsay Jani, tells Bustle. In addition to seeing the sights, make sure to plan a good, hearty brunch for the day after.


Book A Restaurant

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Whether you are going to have family and friends in town or just want to go eat somewhere a little extra special with your newlywed partner, make sure that you plan for any special dining experience you want to have as far in advance as possible. "Book ahead as Vegas is a very popular city," Galley says. "If it's a hot restaurant you're looking for, the sooner you book the better."


Be Ready To Keep Things Short

If you're thinking about using a short-notice Vegas wedding chapel to exchange your vows, be sure you know what you're getting into in terms of time. Unlike many wedding ceremonies which can last for multiple hours, you won't have a lot of time to waste with this option. "On busy days chapels can be booked every 60 minutes: 20 minutes for guests to arrive, 20 minutes for the ceremony, and 20 minutes for photos," Goldberg says. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive for your time slot so that you are able to really be in the moment with your partner and any guests.


Do Your Own Thing

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"Although Vegas has some beautiful, elegant wedding options, you may be surprised to find, there will be people that will not take your Vegas wedding seriously," Goldberg says. But don't let anyone kill your vibe. If your heart is set on getting hitched in Las Vegas, go for it and cherish every moment.

Whether you decide to keep your ceremony short and sweet or have a celebration that lasts an entire weekend is totally up to you. As long as you're keeping your wedding authentic to you and your partner, it's sure to be a moment you'll remember forever.