How To Order A Narwhal At Starbucks, Because The Unofficial "Frappuccino" Deserves Your Attention

If you've lost track of the creative Starbucks Frappuccinos that have hit the internet as of late, you're not alone. To make things a little easier, I'm going to tell you how to order a Narwhal "Frappuccino" at Starbucks. Yes. Narwhal. Didn't you hear? There's a Narwhal Kinda-Frappuccino-But-Not-Quite that people are now clamoring for. Just like the Unicorn Frapp. And Mermaid Frapp. And Dragon Frapp. Except narwhals are real animals and not mythical creatures that I like to pretend still really exist. I mean... uh....

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Narwhal drink comes from the same barista who invented the Mermaid Frapp: Jocelyn Freeman, AKA The Modern Barista. To be clear, the Narwhal "Frapp" isn't technically a Frappuccino; it doesn't seem to actually use a Frappuccino base, either the creme or coffee version. It does, however, still have that icy, blended feel that a good Frappuccino has.

Like the cold blended Sbux drinks that came before it, the Narwhal "Frapp" is the perfect way to cool down as the temperatures climb; and while the Unicorn Frapp was an official Starbucks item but for a limited time only (womp womp), you can create a Narwhal drink any time of year!

Since it's not on the menu, here's how you can order a Narwhal "Frapp," according to Starbucks Melody (not an official Starbucks site, but we want our Frapp!).

1. Cruise On Down To The Nearest Starbucks


If you turn around right now, there's probably one behind you; but if you happen to be in a weird spot where there's not a Starbucks in the immediate vicinity (does that even exist?), you can always use the Starbucks store locator.

2. Choose Your Size


Although this means you'll be manipulating the portions of ingredients a little, the recipe is fairly simple, so it'll be hard to really mess it up. Even if you did, I'm guessing the Narwhal "Frapp" will still be heaven on your tastebuds.

3. Order A Regular Old Lemonade


Gotta start somewhere, right?

4. Include Strawberry Flavoring


Ask for strawberry flavoring to be added to your lemonade, as noted in the "secret menu" recipe for blended strawberry lemonade.

5. Add Vanilla Bean Powder


Plot twist! Is it fruity? Is it vanilla-y? It's both — a delicious, swirling combination of flavors having a party in your mouth.

6. Request It Blended With Ice


While technically not a Frappuccino, the Narwhal drink's Frapp vibe is strong thanks to its blended texture.

7. Top It Off With Whipped Cream


This might be the pièce de résistance of any Starbucks Frapp/pseudo-Frapp. Plus, it's fun to make whipped cream mustaches.

8. Instagram It, Or It Didn't Happen


You know the drill, people. The only reason we order these drinks is to take pictures of them. I mean, they're amazingly delicious too, but whatever.