This Hair Color Is Getting The Most Action

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Ever wonder if hair color affects your sex life? Do blondes really do have more fun? Well, SKYN Condoms has just released their 2017 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, and in it, the study reveals some pretty interesting facts regarding Millennials and their sexual preferences and habits, and importantly, how hair color affects your sex life.

Over 3,000 sexually active men and women, ages 18-34, were surveyed for this year’s 2017 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey. "Most millennials grew up with cell phones as a part of their daily routine, making it understandable that technology has become an integral part of how they date and communicate with partners," Emily Morse, Sexologist and Host of the "Sex with Emily" podcast said in a press release.

And while much survey did focus on how technology has changed the dating and sex game (for example, the survey found that Millennials are sexting at least once), there were findings, like hair color, that might really pique your interest.

Keep in mind, that if you’re currently rocking pink hair or something else that's not exactly natural, this survey doesn’t include you. So, you might have to look at your roots for this one.



Of the four most common hair colors, when it comes to sexual frequency, redheads are at the bottom of the list. Sorry, redheads! According to the study, only 68 percent of them have sex, or any sort of sexual action, at least once a week. Although you’re not having sex as much as others on the list, at least as a redhead, you’ll never go grey and you make your own Vitamin D, among other really exciting things!



The survey also found that 73 percent of those with brown hair have sex at least once a week. Not too shabby, huh? Although the survey didn’t break that up into the difference in that amount by gender, an August 2015 study found that heterosexual women prefer men with brown hair more than any other color. So, that’s promising for guys with brown hair — and there are lots of them.


Black Hair

Coming in second place, are people with black hair. As the survey found, 75 percent of those with black hair get it on at least once a week. This is definitely something to write home about — people are still using that saying, right? Or maybe it’s just my mom, and now I sound like like a 67-year-old woman. Either way, yeah!



And what color hair comes in first place in regards to getting the most action every week? Blondes. Although, if we go by that aforementioned study regarding hetero women’s preference for guys with brown hair, it might be say to assume that the blondes in this equation are women. But, as I mentioned, it doesn’t specify gender. But no matter how you slice it, 79 percent of those with blonde hair get laid at least once a week.

While these findings are definitely interesting, if you’re a redhead don’t fret. You many not be having sex as as often as blondes, but at least you have National Hug A Ginger Day! And that’s right about the corner on February 22. So, yeah!