If You Have These 11 Thoughts During The First Year Of Your Relationship, It's Not Meant To Be

In many ways, the first year of your relationship should be viewed as a trial run. While some couples fall head-over-heels right away and know they want to be together, the rest of us need time to test the waters. And that's totally OK. If you tune into yourself, and pay attention to how you feel throughout those first months, you might decide the relationship is a great one. Or, after some careful evaluation, you might have a few thoughts that might mean you should breakup with your partner.

If the latter ends up being true, take it as a good thing. "There's no point in delaying the inevitable," licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Racine Henry, PhD, LMFT tells Bustle. If you discover a few differences you just can't fix, or simply decide you don't want to be with them, it may be smart to be upfront with your feelings, and move on sooner rather than later.

Be sure, however, that you don't hit the road too early. "If you've been single for a while or if you're hesitant because the relationship is new and going well, these thoughts could just be your method of self-sabotage in order to avoid the unknown," Henry says. If you've struggled to commit in the past — despite wanting to be in a relationship — be aware of this tendency and give yourself time to adjust. Many relationship problems and uncertainties can be worked on, and will pass with time. But if things don't feel right, or you spot a deal breaker or two, remember it's always OK to move on. Here are a few doubts experts say may mean it's time to move on.