If You Like Awesome Sh*t, You'll Love These 59 Things On Amazon

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Whether it is that game-changing air fryer or your magical kitchen organization system, the things in your life are pretty freakin’ awesome. And for those purveyors of the latest and greatest cool sh*t on Amazon, there are serious deals to be found. From a color-changing shower head to a two-in-one clock fan that is powered by your computer, the products I’m talking about elevate what it even means to be “awesome.”

But if you’ve already won the title of “friend with the coolest stuff” in your friend group, your benchmark for the sickest things on Amazon is pretty high. So let me introduce you to some of the most genius inventions you don’t already own. The items below run the gamut, and can revolutionize the way you sleep, eat, drive, and even use your bathroom.

On this list you’ll find a couch accessory that turns your sofa’s arm into a glorified coffee table, and a motion-activated toilet light that illuminates your bathroom at night. There’s a Bluetooth-compatible karaoke microphone that syncs with your technology to turn your home into your own personal karaoke bar. And, did I mention the magical mirror that never fogs up in your shower?

If you love awesome sh*t, you’re in for a ride. So many of the life-changing Amazon products below are instant add-to-cart’s.

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