Is It A Rough Patch Or Is It Over?7 Signs You Shouldn't End Your Relationship


When it comes to relationships, you never want to feel like you've settled. It's better to be single, after all, than to be in a relationship that makes you unhappy. But what if the unhappiness is temporary and you actually have a relationship worth fighting for? Giving up a relationship that's truly meaningful and worthwhile is just as bad as staying in one that's not.

"The life of every relationship is unique, so only the people in it can truly know if the relationship is worth fighting for," practicing psychologist and Harvard lecturer Holly Parker, PhD, author of If We're Together, Why Do I Feel So Alone?, tells Bustle. "What makes the difference between a relationship that’s best to walk away from and one that’s facing challenges but is worth effort and persistence isn’t always clear. It often takes time to sort that out, but in the end, if you can be patient with yourself and really listen, you can figure it out."

Ultimately, if you have an intuition that you should stay or go, you should go with that. But if you're right on the fence, looking out for these signs may give you an idea of what to consider.