Jessica Simpson Has Red Hair Now & She Looks Like A Completely Different Person

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Some Hollywood stars are just tied to their hair color. Whether it's Jessica Chastain's red locks or Gwen Stefani's platinum hues, fans associate stars with their signature styles. Now, one of those stars has switched things up. Jessica Simpson's red hair for her birthday may be a total shock, but the big question isn't why she decided to go red. It's whether or not her red hair is actually real.

According to her Instagram, Simpson celebrated her 38 birthday and decided to switch up her look for the occasion. While her fans know her almost exclusively as a blonde, Simpson went bright red for her birthday, and she's giving off some serious Jessica Rabbit vibes.

In her Instagram story, Simpson showed off place settings for what seemed to be an intimate, outdoor dinner for her party, and that's great, but what about the hair? Her follow-up stories from the night further reveal that her new red locks extended well below her waist in loose curls, and she didn't even stop there. She was rocking wispy baby bangs across her forehead as well as the new color. Clearly, the singer and designer didn't come to play for her big birthday bash, and she looked amazing during the celebration.

For her red hair, Simpson actually didn't go with a true red hue but instead with a bit more of a cool tone that seemed to incorporate a bit more peach in the hair. Her hair also had a darker, more rooted look that's totally on trend.

Is it real, though? Probably not. This change seems super drastic for the star who has been blonde for the past several years, practically since the very start of her entire career. Not only does a hair color change like this seem like a massive departure for her, but let's be honest, she'll always be a blonde in fan's hearts.

Another reason this is probably a wig? Their popularity. Wigs have become incredibly popular among Hollywood stars. From Kylie Jenner's rather extensive collection of multi-colored wigs to her sister Kim Kardashian's own wig wearing days, trying out styles without commitment seems to be a trend right now. Why not? It's won't damage your hair, and if it doesn't suit you, just pull it off, and you're back to your normal style.

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While this may be a wig, just because Simpson is known for her blonde hair doesn't mean that she's never experimented with it before. In the early days of her career, you could often see the singer incorporating chunky brunette streaks through her locks.

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Of course, there's the times that she's taken her blonde to the next level and gone completely platinum.

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In fact, she's even tried red before. She's added bits of red underneath a bright blonde bob.

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One time, she even rocked auburn hued hair!

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While Simpson's color has remained relatively stable, her hair styles have not. From curly to stick straight to bobs and long layers, she's definitely not afraid to switch up what the shape of her hair is, even if it is almost always blonde.

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Currently, she's rocking long platinum locks.

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However, she's rocked a super cute long bob before as well.

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Then, there was this straight root with curly ends look.

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There's also this early 2000s Shirley Temple look.

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Now, though, the singer, designer, and mother has massively changed up her classic blonde locks. While Simpson's red hair is most likely a wig, it's a fun change for the star, especially for her 38 birthday. Who knows, though? Maybe the cascading red curls will inspire Simpson to actually take the plunge. Let's be honest, though, Jessica Simpson will always be blonde in everyone's hearts.