Khloé's Pregnancy Announcement Begs A Question That Has Nothing To Do With The Baby

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After months of speculation, on Wednesday, Dec. 20, Khloé Kardashian announced that she and Tristan Thompson are expecting a baby together. Kardashian shared the news with an Instagram post of her and Thompson's hands resting on her baby bump. It's a very sweet post, but there is one detail that brings a certain question to mind: Is Khloé Kardashian engaged? (Bustle reached out to a rep for Kardashian for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.)

And no, the detail isn't the baby bump. There's no reason for Kardashian to be engaged or married just because she's having a baby. The detail is on Kardashian's finger... her ring finger. The shiny rings Kardashian has on might make some people think she is engaged or even married, but as far as anyone (well, anyone who doesn't personally know her) knows, she isn't engaged.

In fact, if you look at the photo more closely, you can see that Kardashian is wearing the same or a similar ring on the ring finger of her other hand. Hey, if she is engaged, she can flaunt it in whatever style she wants. These people are loaded, so two rings? Go for it! But, until she or Thompson say they're engaged, it's probably best to assume they aren't.

Anyway, this is far from the first time engagement talk has come up when it comes to Kardashian and Thompson. And in the months since those rumors started there was never any confirmation that Kardashian would be walking down the aisle at a lavish wedding once again.

In October 2016, E! News reported about engagement rumors and a source told the publication that Kardashian and Thompson were not engaged, but were becoming more serious in their relationship.

Then, in March of this year, Just Jared reported that Kardashian was spotted wearing a sparkly ring at both one of Thompson's basketball games and at Ruths Chris Steak House. The nerve! At this time, Kardashian was again wearing rings on both of her hands.

And, in June, Hollywood Life reported that Kardashian was again seen with a ring — actually a stack of rings, that looked similar to the ones she's wearing in the pregnancy pic — this time at the surprise birthday party Thompson threw her.

Basically, it just seems like Kardashian likes wearing rings and has been spotted with the same or similar rings on multiple occasions. Until she confirms she's engaged, all we can know is that she likes jewelry and has a lot of it.

What we do know now, though, obviously, is that Kardashian is expecting a baby. The reports that she was pregnant have been around for months, and a lot of clues surfaced that made the news seem true. But fans have wanted real confirmation this entire time, and now it's finally here along with photographic evidence and a heartwarming caption. We also now know that Kardashian won't be revealing her pregnancy in the Kardashian Christmas card series.

Now that fans know that both Kardashian and her sister Kim Kardashian are expecting babies, all that's left is for younger sister Kylie Jenner to speak out about the reports that she is also pregnant. Will she reveal she's pregnant in a Christmas photo? Will she wait until New Year's Eve? Will we not find out until the kid is 12 years old? Is she even pregnant at all? These are the questions fans of the Kardashian-Jenner family are left with. But at least it's only half the amount of questions we had before Khloé Kardashian's reveal.