Tati Westbrook's Halo Beauty May Be Expanding Into Makeup & Here's ALL The Hints

Almost a year has passed since YouTube guru Tati Westbrook announced the launch of her brand Halo Beauty. The vitamin-focused company features two supplements, the Beauty Booster and Halo Kiwi, but more could be on the way. Is Tati Westbrook Halo Beauty skin care and makeup coming? The guru took to her YouTube channel to update her followers on her life and brand, and explained a bit about where Halo is headed.

In case you haven't heard of Westbrook's Halo Beauty, you missed a huge launch from 2018. The beauty guru began teasing her launch just a few days before it actually happened, and her fans were stoked. Unfortunately, during the initial launch, many appeared disappointed that Westbrook did not release skin care or makeup products and questioned the efficacy of the original Halo Beauty Booster supplement.

Fast forward to summer, and Westbrook presented her second supplement, Halo Kiwi. This formula was designed specifically to target the skin, and learning from the initial launch, Westbrook sat down on her YouTube channel and explained every bit of how Kiwi works. Now, users of both supplements swear by them and rave about the results on the Halo Instagram. However, Halo Beauty may be about to evolve into something much more.

In one of her most recent videos, Westbrook gives a en emotional, heartfelt update on her life including her decision to pull away from YouTube to focus on not just Halo Beauty but also she and her husband's decision to start a family. Westbrook has been open about her fertility struggles, and her honesty about taking time for herself and her husband is admirable.

For her fans, though, the guru made sure that they knew she was certainly not leaving YouTube, and Halo Beauty is still a priority for her. In fact, during the video, she shared a bit of an update regarding what's coming next for her brand.

When talking about her passion for what she does, Westbrook explains that she's truly the CEO of Halo, not simply placing her name on products. Then, she dropped the news that yes, skin care and makeup is coming from Halo Beauty! Westbrook didn't elaborate on when this could happen, but she did specifically say they're in development which means they're more than likely actively being created and tested.

The other clue that Halo Beauty skin care and makeup is coming (though, Westbrook's own words are a pretty damn good hint)? This isn't the first time she's said it. Back when Halo Beauty first launched, there was a bit of disappointment from fans who love Westbrook's taste in makeup and skin care products and were hoping she'd take her knowledge into her own brand. Westbrook heard these comments, and in a video addressing some of the backlash, explained that Halo Beauty would become much more than just vitamins. Now, she's confirmed that those items are officially in development.

While Westbrook's video was about so much more than Halo Beauty skin care and cosmetics, the news still marks an important development for fans of both the guru and brand. Her subscribers may no longer be getting videos five days per week, but they'll be getting not just more from the brand but also allowing Westbrook the time she needs to focus on herself and her family. There's nothing wrong with that.