All The Times Joey Mentioned Food On 'Friends', In One Handy Video

Warner Bros. Television

There's a reason Joey Tribbiani is one of the most lovable Friends (co-creator: Martha Kauffman characters. Despite his womanizing and dim-witted nature, he was one of the most loyal people you could have in your corner and had one of the biggest hearts. If you know anything about him, however, you know that Joey on Friends loved food (and he also doesn't share it). Every other thought that Joey had revolved around fulfilling his cravings to the point of being a running joke, and, honestly, his love for food is relatable as heck. If you're not convinced, this video of all the times Joey mentions food on Friends will change your mind.

The character's enthusiasm for food was a bit extreme at times, but what human can honestly say that they don't think about eating at least a few times a day? Joey was just... hungrier way more often than most. So much so that, if Friends were still around, the ladies' man would totally be talking about today's Taco Bell nacho fries nonstop.

When he sees something he wants, he goes after it, and that makes Joey is one of the most truthful Friends in the New York bunch — hands down. Now feast your eyes on this foodie montage to get all of your nostalgia feels brewing. But a word of advice: you'll definitely want to grab few snacks before indulging.

Brought to the small screen by the legendary actor Matt LeBlanc, Joey walked the fine line between being the life of the party and the butt of all the jokes in the Warner Bros. series. A lot of the Queens native's commentary may not have come at the most appropriate times, but, more often than not, he was just saying what all of us tuning in from home were thinking.

There are a few lessons we could all take from the seemingly simple-minded character, too. One of his most praised attributes is how he was always himself — no matter how inappropriate or embarrassing. Though it happened rarely, when he was upset about something, his friends always knew. And when it came to seeing something he liked — especially if it was food — he was vocal about that as well. While Chandler had the jokes and Ross had the self-righteousness, Joey had all the heart. He was there for Rachel through her pregnancy, and Phoebe through hers. He was the first to figure out that Monica and Chandler were sleeping together, and he believed in their relationship even when they didn't. And, even though he claimed not to share food while on a date with a stranger, he was often seen sharing his food with his friends.

In his professional life, Joey has an extensive resume, filled with everything from being a waiter to a minister, and, while considered to be a flaw to some, his work history is reflective of his many passions. Being miserable was not an option for him, and, once the enthusiasm sizzled out, he would move on to the next cool thing. Imagine if everyone took a page out of Joey's book and lived life doing exactly what they wanted, while being surrounded by the people who made them the most happy, every day. The world would be a much more loving, and cheerful place, that's for sure.

Overall, the iconic series' on-screen cast is made up of many personalities that most humans can relate to, even on the most basic level. But when it comes to wearing your true colors, no matter who's watching, Joey is definitely the poster child for that.