John Legend’s "Stinky Booty" Diaper-Changing Song Will Be Stuck In Your Head ALL Day

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Changing diapers isn't the most glamorous task, but, hey it needs to be done. Even John Legend has a diaper duty song called "Stinky Booty" that makes being on diaper duty way more enjoyable, especially for his daughter, Luna. While promoting their partnership with Pampers Pure (Chrissy Teigen is also a creative consultant for the collection), the couple shared an ad on social media showcasing the song from the Oscar winner on Wednesday.

"Luna is my best audience and biggest fan," Legend wrote on Instagram, "So obviously I had to write a song for when I'm on diaper duty. Sing it with me now... "

The song is silly, funny, and will definitely please babies who need their diapers changed. As for adults, well, once you hear the song it will be stuck in your head all day long. It's super catchy. You can listen to it below, but the gist of the song is:

"Somebody's got a stinky booty/Her name is Luna and she made a poopy/Somebody's got a stinky booty and daddy's gonna clean it up!"

Legend's voice is so flawless that a song about changing a poopy diaper would sound amazing coming out of the Grammy winner's mouth. Remember when Legend sang Joe Giudice's song for Teresa Giudice? The Real Housewives of New Jersey star's lyrics weren't award-winning, but Legend had no problem singing it extremely well. The same can be said when the "All of Me" musician sang the Vanderpump Rules theme song. He's just beyond talented no matter what he's singing.

Apparently, the "A Good Night" artist has been singing his diaper changing song since Luna's birth. "John's been singing this song to Luna since her very first diaper change in the hospital and he hasn't missed one opportunity since," Teigen revealed on Instagram. "I present to you, the underground hit of our household — the stinky booty song!"

"Stinky Booty" will surely become a hit for parents everywhere and a song they may find themselves singing whenever their baby's diaper needs changed. Plus, the song will be probably be passed down to Luna and her baby brother, Miles, for if or when they have their own children. It's basically already a family tradition.

In addition to the song, the ad is also super sweet. It never gets old watching Legend interact with Luna — and making her laugh. She really is his biggest fan, which has been proven on multiple occasions. Like, in April, when Luna clapped for Legend's The Ellen DeGeneres Show performance. And Legend is also clearly Luna's biggest fan, like when he had no problem dancing to his 2017 version of "Beauty and the Beast" with his little girl. He's the best dad ever.

It's heartwarming to see Legend and Luna together. It shows what kind of dad he is — a hands-on one who doesn't mind changing diapers. Once Miles becomes older, there's no doubt the La La Land producer will build a similar bond with his son. Legend is also probably singing "Stinky Booty" to him, too.

The birth of Miles has made the family even more united. According to Us Weekly, Legend told reporters at the June 11 Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond gala about welcoming a second child, "It made us more of a team, even more so than we were before. When you have a joint project like this, raising kids together, I think for us, it’s brought us closer together."

There's no denying how much family means to Legend. So much so, he took the time to craft a song specifically for diaper duty.