Jonathan Van Ness Will Be A Big Part Of Doug The Pug’s Parents’ Big Day

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Social media influencer and all-around paw-erhouse Doug the Pug asked Jonathan Van Ness to officiate his owners' wedding. And officiate Doug the Pug's owners' wedding is exactly what the inimitable Jonathan Van Ness is going to do. On Monday, July 30, the Insta-famous dog hopped on social media and announced that the Queer Eye star will officiate his parents' nuptials. (Please keep any and all cynical "But Doug the Pug is a dog. You know he does not actually use Instagram. Can you imagine him trying to hit the 'like' button with his whole paw?" replies to yourself. This is neither the time nor the place.) Can you be-leash-ve?

Now, it seems fairly safe to assume that if you are reading this right now you a) know who Doug the Pug is and b) know who Van Ness is. But for good measure, let's do a quick rundown on both. Doug the Pug, as his name suggests is a pug named Doug. He is an extremely huge deal in the celeb animal world. He has merch, he has millions and millions of social media followers, he's been in music videos, he makes YouTube videos, and he created his very own Queer Eye trailer — wait, what is that? You say you would very much like to see Doug the Pug's homage to Queer Eye? Don't worry. All in due time.

And JVN, as anyone who has not been hiding out underneath a rock without a working Netflix login knows, is the hilarious and thoughtful grooming expert on the streaming service's reboot of Queer Eye. He also has a podcast called Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness and is the host of the Emmy-nominated web series Gay of Thrones.

Oh, and he is also about to be a wedding officiant.

Van Ness shared a screengrab of Doug the Pug's request on Instagram Stories. "I can't wait," wrote the Fab Five member.

Doug the Pug's parents are Nashville-based couple Leslie Mosier and Rob Chianelli. They got engaged in October of last year. Mosier and Chianelli’s big day will not be Doug the Pug and JVN’s first meeting.

Before we continue, some questions must be answered: How do you feel about dogs in wigs? And how do you feel about dogs in long-sleeved turtleneck shirts? And how do you feel about JVN doing literally anything?

If you screamed, "Could not be more on board!" to all three questions, whew, are you in for a treat. Please enjoy this divine photo.

And this gorgeous video.

And this shimmering diamond of a portrait.

Ugh, who else cannot wait to see the photos of these two in their wedding day finery?

As promised, here is Doug the Pug's magnificent tribute to Queer Eye.

But wait, there is more. Here is a Doug the Pug-ified version of the Queer Eye opening credits.

But will Doug the Pug wear his JVN wig on Mosier and Chianelli’s wedding day? That sure would be a doggone gift to all.