Kate Middleton's Nickname For Charlotte Will Make Your Heart Melt

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Princess Charlotte likely has little in common with other toddlers, at least in terms of her daily life. This is no surprise as the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton is literal royalty. There is one thing, however, the royal three-year-old may share with us common folk: it seems Princess Charlotte has a nickname among her family.

The nickname came to light after UK blogger Laura-Ann shared a recent unexpected run-in with Kate Middleton on Instagram. Laura-Ann was one of the many fans who greeted Kate Middleton during her trip to Windsor Park Stadium this week. After giving the Duchess flowers, Laura-Ann got to chat with Kate for a moment. In the blogger’s Instagram story, Laura-Ann shared that Kate asked how old Bertie, Laura-Ann’s older son, is. After responding that he’s four years old, Laura-Ann said Kate replied, “Oh! He’s the same age as Lottie.”

Princess Charlotte — or, as the Duchess calls her, Lottie — is celebrating her fourth birthday this May. Lottie has long been a nickname for “Charlotte,” but this seems to be the first time we’ve heard Kate use it with her daughter. Lottie is posh yet cute! #Goals yet #Relatable! What I’m saying is don’t be surprised if “Lottie” becomes one of the most popular baby names this year.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Kate Middleton use a nickname for Princess Charlotte. Back in December 2018, the royal family was out for a Christmas shopping trip. While they were at UK discount store The Range, Kate Middleton reportedly told her daughter, “Get up, Poppet.”

Poppet! Lottie! All the nicknames sound so fancy and quaint at the same time! Is that just my dumb American showing? Am I craving celebrity baby names that are British and twee? Is someone holding hostage all the videos of Beyonce referring to Blue Ivy with cutesy nicknames? (Are you there, Illuminati? It’s me, Mia.)

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Princess Lottie is more than familiar with cutesy internet attention. She has become something of a walking, talking royal meme. The three-year-old did some extremely good waving at Meghan Markle and Prince Harr’s wedding last summer. Then, she did even more good waving at Eugenie’s wedding in the fall. She waves! She smiles! Lottie is a princess of the people!

If the waving didn’t convince you (although, I’m sure it did), please turn your attention to Princess Charlotte's favorite foods. While visiting the Lavender Primary School in honor of Children’s Mental Health Week earlier this month, Kate Middleton said Princess Charlotte “loves olives” and “cheesy pasta.” Pasta princess! Cheese royalty! Lottie, Ruler of Olives!

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All this talk of nicknames and adorable royalty is par for the course in the context of Meghan Markle’s pregnancy. Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex have yet to confirm a baby name, the internet is abuzz with possible contenders. Some sources are saying they’re having a boy, but that hasn’t been confirmed by the couple yet. Again, that hasn’t stopped speculation for what the baby’s name will be.

There are literal bets for what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will name their future spawn. Betting site Ladbrokes has Victoria as the most likely girl’s name with eight to one odds. Alice, Diana, and Alexandra are also in the top possible girl names. If it’s a boy? Albert, Arthur, and Phillip are currently the top picks among the people.

Seems like an oversight not to have Rachel in the top names seeing as 1) It’s Meghan Markle’s character’s name on Suits and 2) It’s Meghan Markle’s GIVEN NAME. Yes, Meghan Markle’s first name is actually Rachel. If you need to lie down for a moment, I understand. Lottie would, too.