Katy Perry Cut Her Hair Short And It Looks Great

by Melanie Richtman
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Katy Perry is the queen of dramatic hair changes, just a week ago her Brit Awards faux hawk was getting plenty of attention, and now this week, Katy Perry's new haircut is stealing the show — partly because Perry now looks a lot like another one of our favorite pop stars.

Thursday night, Perry shared a few snaps of her hair, which is now super short and platinum and she looked just like Miley Cyrus. Which makes sense considering her hairstylist Chris McMillan is the same one who cut Cyrus' signature 'do back in the day.

Perry's new cut is total perfection. She can truly rock any hairstyle she wants, and I am forever jealous. According to E! News, Perry's haircut inspo was actually Michelle Williams, not Cyrus. However, I don't think the distinction really matters considering Perry will probably be inspiring people to get the same cut in a matter of days. It's all cyclical.

Perry and Orlando Bloom recently ended their one-plus year relationship, so it's definitely a normal reaction to want to change up your look after a breakup. It's a crucial step in the healing process if you ask me. But regardless of Perry's reasons, she looks like absolute fire with her new pixie cut.

The resemblance to Cyrus is uncanny though, especially with her red lipstick.

IT LOOKS SO GOOD. Here is Cyrus's hair circa 2012, for reference.

They're practically twins, and Twitter took notice.

They do look eerily similar.

And it seemed like a lot of people missed Perry's old hair.

But I think people will get used to her new haircut in no time and acknowledge its greatness.

All hail Queen Perry.