Kendall Jenner Was Hospitalized Before An Oscars Afterparty & The Details Are So Scary

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Kris Jenner’s fourth eldest daughter reportedly experienced a health scare this past weekend, but fortunately, it sounds like she is doing just fine now. On Tuesday, The Blast reported that Kendall Jenner was hospitalized before Vanity Fair's Oscars party. The Blast’s sources claim that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center over the weekend when something reportedly went awry with one of those IV vitamin cocktails that so many celebrities use.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that Jenner "quickly bounced back," and the model reportedly checked out of Cedars shortly after checking in. And "quickly bounced back" is the opposite of an exaggeration. The very same weekend she reportedly went to Cedars, she got all gussied up and and went to the Vanity Fair soirée, as if it was no big deal.

Yes, Jenner still attended the Academy Awards party and crushed the red carpet at one of the biggest afterparties in Hollywood like the reported reaction to the IV never happened; an unfortunate experience with an intravenous vitamin blast would not slow her down. As the aforementioned source claimed to Entertainment Tonight,

"Kendall works so much and was exhausted so she got a vitamin drip as she often does. Things didn't go as planned but she was able to pull it together and look incredible at the Oscars after-parties."

Again, she reportedly had a reaction to some vitamins being injected into her arm, went to the hospital, and attended one of the most legendary A-list events of the year all in the same weekend. Leave it to Jenner to look this awesome after spending some time in the hospital.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A vitamin IV, as the name suggests, is a relatively quick procedure that involves an intravenous drip that's loaded with vitamins. The process IV drip process promises to cure hangovers, duke it out with the common cold, unleash glowing skin, and so on. If you happen to be a loyal The Real Housewives viewer, than you’ve most certainly seen a few nutrient-charged drips in your day. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 premiere, for example, Lisa Rinna welcomed a IV team into her home so she and her daughters could get some vitamins injected into their arms. Just another day in the life.

Real Housewives aren't the only celebrities who are fans of this service. Famous folk far and wide have made the vitamin drip a part of their regimen, including Khloé Kardashian. Back in January 2017, Jenner’s sister Snapchatted while she got an IV drip. As The Daily Mail pointed out, Kardashian posted, “Basketball and I get my vitamin transmo about once a week so I'm healthy. And I travel tomorrow.” And in November 2016, Perez Hilton noted that Kardashian blogged about why she “swear[s] by vitamin drips.” Per Perez Hilton, she wrote,

“The reason that I do vitamin drips instead of capsules is because I have an iron deficiency. I get the drips to boost my iron and also for my immune system. These drips are also KEY because I travel so much so the extra B12 in my system helps me avoid getting sick. I just think drips are better because they go into your bloodstream. Vitamin capsules are great on the go though, but we pee out most of the nutrients in pills. How crazy is that?"

It can't be said enough, but it's such a relief to hear Jenner is doing OK after this reported health scare. And not just OK, but OK enough to throw on a Redemption minidress, get all glammed up, and bring some serious heat at what is arguably the most famous Oscar afterparty ever. The Kardashian-Jenner women really are an unstoppable bunch.