The Kardashian-West Kids' Personalities Are On Full Display In Kim's New Photos

by Parry Ernsberger
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Kardashian-West kids certainly aren't lacking in the personality department, that's for sure. They've all basically been stars-in-the-making since they were born, due in part to their extremely famous set of parents. They've definitely got minds of their own, though, which has never been more apparent than now. Kim Kardashian shared new photos of her children recently on social media — and each of their hilariously distinctive personalities are full-on jumping out.

So, it's worth noting that the pics only include three out of the four Kardashian-West kids: North, 6; Saint, 3; and Psalm, 3 months. Chicago, 1, is MIA, but she was recently spotted enjoying some quality vacation time with her cousin, True, on Khloé Kardashian's Instagram page, so fear not. Chi was probably just busy like, living that yacht life or something when this particular photoshoot went down.

Anyway, Kim posted a series of shots on Aug. 20 of North, Saint, and Psalm, and honestly? They're all pretty amazing. "It was going so good," she captioned the pics, followed by a laughing-crying emoji.

The first photo is of North and Psalm, with the eldest Kardashian-West sister sweetly holding her baby brother in her lap. North has this pretty little sea foam green, linen-looking set on, with her hair up in a messy bun. She's smiling slightly and looking away from the camera, while Psalm confronts the lens head-on with a serious, stone-faced stare.

Saint crawled into the shot for the second pic, and flashed a peace sign for the camera. North and Psalm look a little distracted, as they're both seemingly in deep thought while examining North's hands and fingers. Perhaps one of them has a career in Psalm — oops, I mean *palm* — reading in their future? Regardless, it's really cute.

The third pic, though — the third pic is positively brimming with sassy sibling attitude from North and Saint. North is giving Saint some seriously cutting side-eye, the reason for which remains unknown. Those things might as well be daggers. Saint, for his part, isn't having it, and can be seen shooting his sister an equally feisty glare.

What's with those expressions, you wonder? And how on earth was Psalm able to remain so peaceful and serene in the midst of all that attitude? Who knows. But they're all still really, really cute.

By the way, if Saint's sneer looks familiar, perhaps that's because it's basically a mirror image of a similar look his dad, Kanye West, has given the paparazzi before, as pointed out by Twitter user @PhotosOfKanye. "SAINT IS BABY YE," he captioned two side-by-side photos. The one on the left was a cropped image of Saint from his photoshoot with North and Psalm, and the one on the right showed Kanye staring down a photographer's camera. The resemblance is seriously uncanny.

Hey, you've got to applaud Kim's effort at taking a partial sibling portrait. She tried. At the end of the day, though, kids will be kids — and in Saint's case, kids will sometimes be just like their parents.