Kourtney Kardashian's Joke About Kylie Jenner's Absence In A Family Photo Will Make You Laugh So Hard

by Danielle Jackson
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's another day, so get ready for another Kardashian holiday photo mystery. The Kardashian-Jenner family pretty much knows by now that you've been driving yourself insane all month wondering why the youngest sibling, Kylie Jenner, has yet to appear in any of the family's holiday photos this year following rumors of her pregnancy that spread like wildfire back in September. On Saturday, Dec. 30, another one of the family's holiday-themed photos began raising eyebrows on the interwebs thanks to Kourtney Kardashian's joke about Kylie's absence from the pic.

Kourtney took a page out of her youngest sister's playbook and trolled her followers with her most recent post on the 'gram. The 38-year-old shared a photo of all the women in her family — well, all of them except for Kylie — on Saturday night next to a that caption reads, "When you can’t find the rest of the family for the photo..." Very funny, Kourt. It obviously didn't take long at all for many of the reality star's followers to leave comments like "Where is Kylieeeeee?!?!" and "Look who's not there." One commenter immediately jumped to their own conclusion and wrote, "Kardashian family you could always just put Kylie behind one of the taller children hide her baby bump or just reveal to us what we already know." If only it were that easy.

The stunning photo appears to have been taken at the family's holiday party on Christmas Eve. It was reported earlier last week that Kylie was in attendance at the party, so why she decided to opt out of being in the family photo is something that has fans asking a lot of questions, though many of them have already been assuming for the past month now that her decision to step out of the spotlight is her way of indirectly confirming her pregnancy. But it's still worth noting that, even though most people are only commenting on Kylie not being in the photo, she's not the only one who isn't photographed. Most of the kids — Saint West, Dream Kardashian, and Reign and Mason Disick — are missing too, though their absence obviously isn't clouded by as much mystery given the circumstances.

This comes just after the family spent the entire month of December releasing their holiday cards one by one, advent calendar style, originally leading fans to believe that the final cards would reveal something big. After months of silence from Kylie and Khloe regarding their rumored pregnancies, many fans speculated that both siblings would use the annual Kardashian holiday card as the opportunity to confirm or deny the reports. That turned out to not be the case since Khloe confirmed hers via Instagram just ahead of Christmas and Kylie ended up not appearing in any of the cards at all.

Kylie has been keeping an extremely low profile since the news of her rumored pregnancy broke back in September. The makeup mogul has been known for regularly sharing photos of herself via Instagram, though she hasn't been super active on the app lately. In addition to that, there's also the fact that most of her posts as of late have been throwback photos, headshots, or promotional photos for new Kylie Cosmetics releases. Multiple unknown sources have confirmed that the 20-year-old is indeed pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott, though Kylie and Scott have yet to make any sort of comment confirming or denying the news.

Out of all of her famous sisters, Kylie is pretty much the master Instagrammer and the last person anyone would expect to turn down a photo opp, so you have to admit that her sudden absence from so many family photos does seem a little strange. Still, if the rumors of her pregnancy do indeed turn out to be true, this whole holiday card debacle is further proof of the fact that Kylie will reveal the news only when she's ready to.