Kim K Just Deleted Every Single Christmas Card Pic On Her Instagram... But, Why?

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In news that may surprise fans, Kim Kardashian deleted the Christmas card photos from her Instagram as of Thursday, Dec. 28. Yes, all 25 snapshots of the Kardashian-Jenner crew posed alongside various Christmas trees. However, the images still remain on the reality star's Twitter page — at least for now. As for why Kim deleted all the Christmas card photos on Instagram, the answer is currently unclear, but there are definitely a few solid possibilities. (Bustle reached out to Kim's rep for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.)

UPDATE: On Thursday evening, Kim explained what happened to the Christmas photos. After a fan tweeted at her about the missing images, she wrote back,

"Was always the plan. I archieved [sic] them so my instagram feed vibe is back"

Looks like the theories below were on-point — or at least the part about her Instagram aesthetic anyway.

EARLIER: The immediate thought that comes to mind is that Kim's deleting spree could purely be for the sake of her Instagram aesthetic, as Cosmopolitan's story suggests. It may sound silly, but plenty of people curate their Instagram feeds, and either delete or archive old posts whenever they see fit. Without the Christmas family photos on her feed, a majority of Kim's current posts promote her KKW Beauty makeup line or look back at old memories, like a #TBT with sister Kourtney or the filming of Kanye West's "Famous" video. Maybe she'd rather keep her feed focused on those things right now.

Or it's also possible that because all the family photos are on Twitter, she figured she didn't need them in both spots. Twenty-five pictures really is a ton of images. And as sad as some of us are to see it end, the Christmas holiday is officially over. This could be her way of moving on. After all, you don't leave your advent calendar hanging up all year 'round — it's only something that takes place in December.

Another, though less likely, reason for deleting the photos could be all of the conversations they've spurred. Every day that Kim and co. shared the family's Christmas photos, fans scoured for a picture of Kylie Jenner and her rumored baby bump. Many had speculated that the annual family photo would be the youngest sister's way of confirming her pregnancy, which has been rumored since September. (Kylie has yet to confirm or comment on those rumors.)

However, when the 20-year-old did not appear alongside her sisters, mother, grandma, nieces, and nephews on Day 25, Twitter was super disappointed. Some even joked that Kylie was hiding behind the tree. Basically, people got a little carried away with nitpicking all of the details of the images over and over. For that reason, it's possible that Kim was sick of the speculation and didn't want people to use Instagram's zoom feature to obsess over the photos any longer.

Despite her deleting the photos, that doesn't mean the Christmas card didn't mean a lot to Kim. When she appeared on the Late Late Show With James Corden in November, she talked about all the thought that went into this year's shoot:

"This year's Christmas card is shot really casually, we're kind of in jeans and t-shirts vibes. Really cute, all the kids, it was hard to put together. It's women and children this year, so my grandma was last in it in 1989, that was the last time she was in our Christmas card with all of her four grandkids. So, she was invited back in this year."

Not only did the card bring back M.J., but it was also Kanye West's first Christmas card appearance, as well as babies Dream Kardashian, Reign Disick, and Saint West's first times joining in on the holiday fun. It was a momentous occasion, for sure.

Still, fans are definitely still asking questions about why Kim hit that "delete" button so soon after the 25-photo reveal.

Considering she's known for being candid with her fans, it's only a matter of time before Kim clears the air, right? Or who knows, maybe she'll go and delete the festive pics off of Twitter too.