Another Kylie Cosmetics Surprise Drops Today

It has been a week of surprises for Kylie Cosmetics. Can you handle it? IDK if you can. Kylie Jenner dropped three new Velvet Lip Kit colors — Grape Soda, Strawberry Cream, and Poison Berry — with only a few hours advance notice. The makeup mogul has revealed that she is dropping a "bigger surprise" on Thursday, May 25. Jenner took to her favorite social media channel — Snapchat, of course! — to reveal that her next surprise is based on a past win.

Jenner Snapped that "I've done this before in the past, and it was a huge success, so I'm bringing it back bigger, better, and brand new." Oh Kylie, you tease!

What could it be?

Of course Kylie Cosmetics customers and Lip Kit fiends are speculating about what she has up her sleeve. What could be coming back? Long lost or limited edition colors, like the blue Fourth of July Lip Kits?

The Minis, which were always the first to sell out during her limited edition, holiday-themed collections? Could she already be thinking about her next birthday collection? Is there a Lip Kit Vault upon us?

Kylie, see what happens when you leave us to our own devices and with little clues about what you have planned?

Our imaginations run wild and wishful thinking takes over.

You should know that Dancer, a reddish Metal Matte released as part of last year's Holiday Collection, is now permanent. So there's that.

Will more Holiday 2016 pieces be reissued in the regular packaging?

Is the short-lived Valentine’s Day collection ready for a reprise? It was here and then gone in a flash. Or so it seemed.

Will it be a limited edition summer range, like her 2016 Birthday Collection? The possibilities? Well, those are endless.

Below are some of the best fan theories from the comments sections at the Kylie Cosmetics and Hotfire Makeup Instagrams about what Jenner is planning to bring as a surprise.

The Valentine's Day Diary palette was certainly blink-and-you'll-miss it.

Yeah, but is that a bad thing? No!

The general consensus seems to be limited edition shades making a comeback or the Val Day collection returning.

Some fans are predicting brand new products, like lashes or extensions.

The Minis make sense — those holiday-only sets always sold out first during drops!

Stay tuned!