Kylie Jenner's Latest Instagram Photo Has Sparked Fresh Engagement Rumors

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Could it be? Did it finally happen? Like, for real this time? Thanks to a recent Instagram post, it kind of, sort of, maybe looks like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott might be engaged, you guys. Very heavy emphasis on "might," though, as neither one of the stars has confirmed anything either way just yet. But look at that ring Jenner's wearing in the photo! First of all, it's huge, and second of all, it's on *that* finger. (Bustle reached out to Jenner's reps for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.)

On Jan. 5, Jenner posted two photos of herself on Instagram with little to no context. In the pics, she's posing in a cropped shirt and jacket with matching drawstring pants, and somehow manages to look both super chic and super comfy. She also looks like she could be super engaged, too, judging by the massive bling she's sporting.

Now, this definitely isn't the first time Jenner has sparked engagement rumors by wearing a ring on her left hand's ring finger. In fact, she's basically been wearing a big ol' sparkler on that finger for the entire duration of her relationship with Scott. She tends to take it off every now and again, and has been known to sub in a different ring from time to time, too. The ring she's wearing now, though, appears to be brand new.

Also, it's worth noting that Scott recently revealed that he was planning on proposing to Jenner in the very near future. During an interview with Rolling Stone in December 2018, the rapper said that their relationship had progressed to the point "where I was like, 'I need her with me to operate.'" Scott continued, "She's that one. We'll get married soon. I just gotta sturdy up — I gotta propose in a fire way."

If Scott did end up proposing "in a fire way," don't you think they would have taken a video and posted it on social media? Or tweeted about how it all went down at the very least? Who knows. They sure do like to keep fans — and their families — guessing, though.

At the end of last year, Jenner and Scott started frequently referring to each other as "wife" and "husband" on social media. When Entertainment Tonight took notice of their possible pet names, the outlet decided to just straight-up ask Jenner's sister, Kim Kardashian, what was going on.

"You know, I literally need to ask her," Kardashian replied. "That is going to be my next question on our group chat. We were chatting on the way over here and I think we all think that's like, you know, what they call each other. But I have no idea."

Hmm. Interesting. So, what ended up going down in that group chat, Kim? Are they or aren't they? Is a ring just a ring until it's ... not? There's truly no telling at this point. Fans will just have to wait and see.