New Photos Of Kylie At The Kardashian Christmas Party Will Leave You With More Questions

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While she was nowhere to be found in the Kardashian/Jenner Christmas card, it's clear from recently revealed photos that Kylie Jenner was at her family's Christmas party. Now, thanks to TMZ, there are even more photos of Kylie at the annual family gathering. Unfortunately, these photos don't reveal whether or not Kylie is pregnant, but they do reveal that Kylie is still with her boyfriend Travis Scott — or at least they appear to be looking happy together in the signature photo booth.

This was the first time in three months that fans have gotten to see Kylie since rumors started swirling that she's pregnant with Scott's child. Something neither has yet to confirm. But the photo of them together, which only shows Kylie from above the waist, had some people wondering if the youngest Jenner is engaged.

Look closely in this photo and you'll see that Kylie is wearing a diamond encrusted ring that just so happens to be on the ring finger of her left hand. Last month, E! News reported that Kylie was spotted wearing a very large diamond, sparking engagement rumors. But the ring on her finger in this photo is not that same one she was wearing in those Snapchat videos. Once again, Kylie is keeping everybody guessing about the details of her life, and it's unclear when anyone will get any real answers.

While Khloé Kardashian confirmed her pregnancy last week on Instagram — and days later she revealed that she was actually six months into her pregnancy on Twitter — Kylie is still keeping mum about whether she's going to be a mom. Some fans expected Kylie to announce her pregnancy with the annual Kardashian Christmas card, but instead she decided to opt out of this year's seasonal greeting entirely.

Then, when fans thought that she hadn't attended her family's annual holiday party, they assumed Kylie was in "hiding," which isn't easy to do when so many people want to keep up with you. But nope, that was also wrong since Kylie was ready to be merry with the rest of her family, even popping up in a Christmas Day Snapchat with her sister Khloé.

That same day, Love Magazine teased its latest cover featuring Kylie, which didn't give any clarification on whether she was pregnant or not. Though, the fact that the photo was taken by her sister Kendall Jenner and had her posing in an oversized sweater for a shot left fans speculating about whether she is in fact pregnant. As did the fact that Kylie's mom Kris Jenner interviewed her for the magazine, a hint that the family didn't want anyone else to know whether she's pregnant.

Some might be frustrated by Kylie's decision to keep quiet about her pregnancy status, but honestly, whenever Kylie wants to share any news about her body is her business — and her business only. The fact that Kylie isn't actually in hiding and is showing up in photos might be a sign that she's getting closer to announcing her pregnancy. That is, if she is actually pregnant. Especially, since TMZ reported that Kylie could be due as soon as February, which means she'd definitely be showing at this point.

Despite Kylie's non-announcement this holiday, there are some that claim recent paparazzi photos of Kylie prove she's pregnant. The very blurry shots, which were reportedly taken in September, have been making the rounds on social media, but until Kylie confirms anything, this is just more tabloid fodder.

The truth is, fans should prepare themselves for the very real possibility that Kylie isn't going to announce her pregnancy at any point. After all, it's her business whether she wants to share that kind of information with the public. And it might be about time the rest of us just stayed out of it.