Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott's Relationship Is Surprisingly Ordinary Behind-The-Scenes

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Kylie Jenner, with some help from Travis Scott, really brought down the house with her Playboy feature. For the magazine's new "Pleasure" issue, Jenner and Scott revealed why their relationship works so well, and interestingly enough, the answer is a super relatable one.

Jenner's turn in Playboy isn't just filled with risqué shots, but it also featured a Q&A session with her beau Scott (who also art directed the spread for the magazine). Since it was an interview between the two lovebirds, the conversation naturally turned to their relationship. Not only did they reveal exactly how they make things work, but Jenner also shared what a day in the life of the couple entails. According to the makeup mogul herself, the pair, along with their baby, Stormi Webster, have a rather ordinary secret to their relationship success.

On their days off together, Jenner revealed that they "play with Stormi all day, and the three of us have a lot of fun together. We do a lot of swimming; Stormi loves swimming, so we’re always in the pool or playing in her room or taking her out to lunch with us." After their little one goes to sleep, the couple takes some time to relax just like everyone else — by watching TV. She said,

"After she falls asleep, we watch a lot of TV and we get lost in the theater room and just watch a whole lot of shows and movies. We usually fight over what TV show we’re going to watch. We have a lot of fun together. We’re always laughing or getting into deep talks."

Who knew Jenner and Scott had such a relatable way of making their relationship work?

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As previously mentioned, Jenner also directly addressed a question from Scott about how the pair makes their relationship work (and how they "knew it worked so quickly"). Her answer was an incredibly understandable one, as she said, "We think the same and we have the same goals and passions in life. Besides the fact that we have good chemistry, we have a lot of fun together."

The reality star added, "You’re my best friend. Through all the ups and downs that every relationship has, we evolve together through them and keep getting stronger." Just like she said, Jenner and Scott have come a long way with one another. The two reportedly started dating around April of 2017 and, a couple of months later in September, TMZ reported that they were set to welcome their first child together. Ever since then, they've been going so strong, spending birthdays together, supporting each others' business ventures, and, of course, raising their adorable daughter Stormi.

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Elsewhere in their Playboy interview, the couple continued to explain why they're such a strong duo, with Jenner saying that she can always count on Scott to be there for her when she needs advice, and vice versa. Additionally, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star explained that the rapper has really helped her embrace her sexuality after becoming a mom. "You remind me that motherhood and sexuality can coexist and just because you embrace your sexuality doesn’t mean you have loose morals or you’re not a good mother," Jenner said.

Whether they're building each other up to be the most confident version of themselves or simply staying in and watching TV together, it's clear that Jenner and Scott have an undeniably strong bond.