Fans Are Convinced Kylie Jenner Subtly Shaded Jordyn With A B-Day Post For Another Friend

by Marenah Dobin
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Most of the time, people see what they want to see. Even when Kylie Jenner spent time with her close friend and posted sweet birthday shoutouts, there were some who didn't view those gestures as something nice. Unfortunately, Kylie Jenner’s birthday post for Stassie Karanikolaou has fans thinking she subtly shaded Jordyn Woods. Pretty much everything Kylie says and does comes back to Jordyn these days, or at least that's what people would like to believe.

On June 9, Kylie posted a black-and-white photo with Stassie and wrote,

"happy birthday to the baddest @stassiebaby. 9 years later and you’re still a real one. i love you forever and always."

Instead of just viewing the caption as a kind sentiment about Stassie, some Instagram users interpreted the phrase "real one" as a dig toward Jordyn.

In case anyone forgot, Kylie and Jordyn had been very close friends for many years. In February, rumors swirled that Jordyn hooked up with NBA player Tristan Thompson. Tristan is the father of Khloé Kardashian's daughter True and he was Khloé's boyfriend at the time. (On March 1, Jordyn denied getting "intimate" with Tristan during a one-on-one interview on Red Table Talk. Bustle previously reached out to reps for Tristan, Khloé, and Jordyn, but did not hear back.)

There were lots of comments on Kylie's birthday post about some perceived shade toward Jordyn. One Intagrammer commented, "Wasn't Jordyn just a real one a few months ago?" Another person simply wrote, "The shade!" One person even theorized, "She's trying to make somebody jealous."

The remarks weren't even exclusive to Instagram. Some people even theorized about the shade on Twitter. One person said Kylie "barely acknowledged" Stassie when Jordyn was still in the picture.

A different tweeter felt like Kylie's birthday love for Stassie was really just a dig at Jordyn in general.

Even though Khloé and Tristan previously weathered a public cheating scandal in April 2018, the two of them broke up for good once the Jordyn story got out. Kylie's mom and sisters all unfollowed Jordyn on social media. Kylie did not follow suit, and Jordyn is still following the whole family. However, the two haven't hung out or posted together on social media since the cheating scandal surfaced.

Well, that was the case until this past weekend. On June 7, TMZ spotted Kylie and Jordyn at Stassie's birthday party thrown at Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles. There's no word if anything went down at that party, but Tristan also reportedly happened to be at the same club that night.

That wasn't the only time Kylie celebrated Stassie's birthday. Kylie threw a Handmaid's Tale-themed party for Stassie at her home on June 8. Scott Disick's girlfriend Sofia Richie also attended the party, but it doesn't seem like Jordyn did. In her Instagram Story later that night, Kylie posted a video of the party goers wearing matching pink sweatshirts and sweatpants while they boarded a party bus decorated with the words "Stas Turns 22."

However, that still wasn't all Kylie did to celebrate. On Sunday, Kylie and Stassie had a pool day, wearing matching pink bathing suits.

That actually still wasn't all, though. Kylie took a walk down memory lane in her Instagram Story, detailing the origin of her friendship with Stassie and highlighting some fun times throughout the years —including meeting at Barnes and Noble when they were younger.

She even considered Stassie to be the third Jenner sister while she, Kendall, and Stassie were growing up. They're so close that Kylie once tied Stassie's shoelace to her heel so they could stick together.

Stassie was one of the close friends who kept Kylie's pregnancy a secret and attended her baby shower. Kylie also shared a photo of Stassie holding her daughter Stormi.

If someone is searching for shade, they'll find it. However, Kylie and Stassie have been close friends for many years. Why would Kylie risk hurting a friend on her own birthday just to take a dig at someone else? That would probably be upsetting to Stassie, especially since Jordyn was at the club for her birthday.

People should probably stop looking for something that isn't there. Kylie showed some love for her friend. End of story.