You Can Buy Pumpkin Everything At Le Creuset Right Now

Le Creuset

The weather may still feel like full-on summer, but in terms of seasonal cookware, autumn has arrived. If you’re looking to fall-ify your kitchen in the spirit of the season, Le Creuset has a new pumpkin collection that will do just the trick. Bank accounts, beware. There is ooky spooky spending ahead.

Le Creuset’s collection has four pieces inspired by your favorite decorative gourd: the pumpkin. There is the Pumpkin Cocotte, which hold 2 ¼ quarts and Le Creuset lists as ideal for slow-cooking, braising and roasting. It’s also currently on sale for $150, down from $235, if you needed another reason to spring for the seasonal cocotte. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, perhaps the Petite Pumpkin Cocotte ($30) is for you. It works well as a display dish for sweets and treats or a single-serving of your favorite fall soup. Soup is, of course, one of the most underrated foods out there.

Did someone say “pumpkin platters”? No one said “pumpkin platters”? OK, well, I’ll just leave this pumpkin dish ($25) and petite pumpkin dish ($15) here just in case. Picture yourself: eating pumpkin bread from a pumpkin-shaped dish. It’s pumpkin-ception and it is exactly what fall calls for.

Each of the four pieces in the Pumpkins Collection comes in two colors: flame (a very Halloween orange) and meringue (a grayish cream). All four of the pieces are also dishwasher an oven safe. You could make a giant pot of pumpkin mac and cheese in the full-size pumpkin cocotte. You could make a mini mac and cheese in the petite pumpkin dish. What I’m saying is all four of these are perfect vessels for mac and cheese.

At the beginning of the year, Le Creuset introduced three new colors for 2019 as part of a collection called “The New Calm” The three colors in were Fig, a deep, earthy purple-brown; Sea Salt, a combination of muted blue and pale green; and Meringue, which is a creamy beige. While you won’t be able to snag any of the Pumpkin items in Fig or Sea Salt—purple and blue-green pumpkins would look more spoiled than seasonal—you can get them in the calming meringue.

In the past few years, Le Creuset has kept up with color trends, making your kitchenware look like an Instagram daydream. In 2018, they launched their lavender cookware line, featuring their iconic pots and kitchen goods in a light purple shade. In 2017, Le Creuset’s millennial pink cookware line was introduced, covering mugs and pie dishes in a beautiful Sugar Pink Matte. While not available for the new pumpkin-shaped pieces, lavender and millennial pink are good for any and all seasons.

If you’re looking for seasonal ware that’s more cult classic than chic, Hot Topic’s Beetlejuice collection is probably up your alley. There’s a “Lydia Deetz-approved” camera locket, perfect for making your jewelry collection more strange and unusual. There’s a crossbody bag decorated to look like the Handbook for the Dead and Deceased. There’s even a sandworm onesie if you aren’t looking to express your love for Beetlejuice in a subtle way.

There’s also Spirit Halloween’s Hocus Pocus merch, which will have you quoting the Sanderson sisters even more than you already do. The collection includes over 100 different pieces, so you should have no trouble finding something that fits your particular fall needs. If you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of Hocus Pocus goodies, the Winifred Sanderson mug is a good place to start. It would also pair nicely with your petite pumpkin dish from Le Creuset, Beetlejuice sandworm onesie for an extremely fall evening, and both movies playing at once. ‘Tis the spooky season, after all.