Lisa Vanderpump Is Apparently One Of Few 'Real Housewives' To Not Make Editing Requests

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Go fetch a plate and fork, because Her Royal Highness of the Sexy Unique Kingdom has offered up some morsels about her reality shows. Restauranteur and Bravo icon Lisa Vanderpump recently sat down with The New York Times to talk about life on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (co-developer Kathleen French) and Vanderpump Rules (senior producer: Sandra Bansil). In one particularly illuminating part, Vanderpump claimed she’s of the few Real Housewives who hadn't requested episode edits or for something to be cut out. “I have been told that I am one of the only Housewives to never have asked to have anything edited out," she explained to the publication. "But I have asked for things to be kept in.” The New York Times also noted that this is a point of pride for LVP.

On first glance, this doesn't seem like that wild of a revelation. Of course lots of stuff gets edited out of the show; each season has to turn hundreds of hours of footage into somewhere around 20 hour-long episodes, so there’s no possible way everything that was shot is going to make the final cut. Also, who could blame someone for approaching a producer after filming a conversation that veered into too personal territory and asking that it not be included in the final product? Sure, the Real Housewives did agree to have their lives filmed for our entertainment, but there is a line.

But then, the realization sinks in: How many juicy Real Housewives moments have happened over the years only to never make it to the small screen, per a Real Housewife’s request? How often does the show heed the Real Housewives’ “edit that out” plea? Just how wild are the Real Housewives moments that we the viewers missing out on? Think of all of the things that do make the cut, and then try to picture what could possibly be considered to be "too much."

Look, no one’s asking that the moments deemed too real or too serious or too grim be released in some “The Scenes the Real Housewives Wanted Edited Out” montage. That's no fun for anyone.

But there have gotta be some innocuous, ridiculous, and moderately mortifying moments in the mix, right? Like, what if there was a room full of never-to-be-aired footage of Real Housewives accidentally breaking wind while miked up? Or of Real Housewives accidentally walking into closed sliding glass doors? Or of them tripping on a sidewalk, catching their balance seconds before they fall to the ground, and, in attempt to play it off like nothing happened, giving a thumbs up to no one? Or of them filming entire scenes with pieces of quinoa jammed between their front four teeth? Or with comically vivid wine teeth? One can only hope. That would be a montage for the books.

Anyway, it totally checks out that LVP is apparently one of the only Real Housewives who hasn't asked the show to remove something from an episode. Not only is she all about making reality TV that’s as authentic as possible (see: Pump Rules), but she's always seemed pretty chill about living truthfully in front of the camera. After all, this is the person who brought her dog to a store that sells watches that cost more than a Honda Civic, only to barely bat a presumably expensive fake eyelash when said dog relieved himself on the display counter. She's unflappable.

So next time you settle in with an episode of Real Housewives, have a blast thinking about all of the hypothetical juicy scenes that were hypothetically edited out due to Real Housewives’ hypothetical requests. Oh, to think of all of the hypothetical quinoa teeth scenes that could've been.