You Need To Read Lisa Vanderpump's Perfect Reaction To Jax Cheating On Brittany

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Until recently, Jax Taylor was the resident Lothario of Vanderpump Rules. The bartender and lover of plastic surgery was best known for his callousness towards women, until he fell head-over-heels for Brittany Cartwright. Unsurprisingly, it didn't last, but it did hurt fans of the series. Boss Lisa Vanderpump's reaction to Jax cheating on Brittany is everything you needed to hear from the restaurant mogul and reality icon. Lisa may have a soft spot for her employees, but she had nothing but real talk for Jax this time around.

“I wasn’t surprised that he cheated because we’re talking about Jax Taylor — but I was surprised that he admitted it," Lisa commented to People, which is basically what every fan thought. It's only been two episodes into Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules, but the revelations about Jax's infidelity arrived hard and fast. Normally, Jax-centric confrontation (or lack thereof, Stassi) is best saved for a season finale, but is it possible that Jax loved Brittany enough to come clean when he was pressured? Lisa seems to think so. "Maybe he's growing after all," she said to People. Always the optimist, Lisa.

For those not caught up, the gist is as follows: Former SUR server and current fourth-tier Vanderpump Rules cast member Faith revealed to mutual friends that she was sleeping with Jax. Brittany had suspicions about Jax's infidelities for some time, and was crushed to hear that not only had Jax cheated on her with Faith, a friend of hers, but that Faith thought she might be pregnant as a result of it. Unlike in previous seasons, Jax owned up to it almost immediately. "I thought we’d go through the whole season with him in kind of staunch denial, but no, not so much," Lisa commented to People. "He had a little bit of mea culpa." Too little, too late for most, but Jax Taylor is not most people.

For years, Jax was known for his serial infidelity and at one point, he dated two or more women simultaneously. When he met Brittany in Las Vegas in between filming seasons, no one could have expected what would happen — Jax still had plenty of issues, but he seemed genuinely devoted to Brittany. He moved her to L.A., introduced her to his friends, and encouraged Lisa to hire her at SUR. It was hard to envision Vanderpump Rules sans Jax's duplicitous nature. Of course, he had to ruin it.

Lisa doesn't think he's irredeemable, though. She voiced what fans are almost afraid to think, that at the age of 38 Jax might be "growing up, because he’s admitting it." That said, Lisa continued, "I know he’s really grown up when he stops doing it — so we’re halfway there!"

In the end, her advice for her longtime bartender is as follows: "Don’t drop your trousers at every opportunity." It's true that for all of his faults, Jax rarely sets out with the intention of hurting anyone. As fans have seen, he's a serial cheater, and when backed into a corner, Jax tells people what they want to hear. More often than not, unfortunately, that makes him a liar. It's not cool of him to move Brittany away from her close-knit, small-town Kentucky family and thrust her into a reality TV show set in Los Angeles and then proceed to cheat on her with a friend. Yikes.

On the other hand, most of their friends may be #TeamBrittany in this scenario. Also, Lala Kent is returning to the cast, so that should be Drama City. Good on Lisa for telling it like it is. And Jax, buddy: Do better next time.